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What You Must Know About Tragus Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 8th

What You Must Know About Tragus Piercing?

Tragus piercing is one of the popular piercing styles of our time. If you are going to get the one, make sure to consider these steps.

Looking for a unique ear piercing style? What about getting tragus piercing? It is a popular piercing style that was arguably brought by Scarlett Johnson into limelight. Here we have come up with the things you should know about tragus piercing.

Know Where Your Tragus is:

The tragus is your external ear flap located outside the ear canal. It is parallel to the concha.

Does It Hurt?

All body piercings are painful. But the pain level doesn’t remain the same as it is determined by the location of your body and the presence of nerve endings.

Tragus piercing is the least painful and you may feel a pinch or stinging. Tragus is the thicker cartilage skin, requiring more needle pressure than other piercing. Here you can use numbing cream like Dr.Numb®. Dr.Numb® is a topical anesthetic which dulls your nerve endings for 1-2 hours so that you don’t feel anything done to your skin.

Aftercare is Essential:

Like other ear piercing, you need to take care of your tragus piercing to keep infection and swelling risk at a bay. Aftercare will speed up the healing time. If you don’t take care of your tragus piercing, you are likely to face the risk like swelling and infection. Here is a simple aftercare tips for your tragus piercing:

Wash your hand before touching or removing your tragus piercing. Use saline water solution to clean the jewelry. Keep the tragus and surrounding area clean to avoid the infection chances. Always choose the right jewelry which may be made of surgical stainless steel, platinum and nickel free.

Watch Out for Infection Signs:

Common infection signs in tragus piercing occur as redness, swelling, bleeding, yellow or green puss. You can use warm water, tea tree oil or other home remedies to treat these signs. Please see physician if the infection signs persist.

Always Consider a Professional Piercer than DIY:

Tragus piercing is not a DIY piercing. This is because it is challenging to pierce a hard surface like tragus. You may end up with damaging your skin in order to put more pressure on the needle. Or chances are the needle can enter your hearing hole accidently with a full force. So it is essential to get it pierced from a professional piercer.