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What You Must Know About Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal?

Posted by Ann.V On 2016 Oct 13th

What You Must Know About Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal?

Here are things you must know about numbing cream before using it before your laser hair removal.

Numbing cream has been increasingly popular to ease the pain and discomfort of laser treatment. Numbing creams reduce the pain, if they don’t completely vanish it. Here, we have given the things relating to the effects and potential side effects of numbing cream on laser hair removal.

Topical Anesthetic

First of all, you must know numbing cream is a topical anesthetic that numbs your skin so that the pain signals can’t pass out to the brain. It is used on the skin just like ordinary gels or creams. The cream activates numbing effect within one hour or two, depending on the concentration of numbing agents. Plus, the skin absorption rate depends on the person’s skin type and temperature.

Not All Numbing Creams are Equal

Like other consumer products, the effect of numbing cream is determined by the numbing contents it contains. You may find a numbing cream that is not as effective as it was in advertisement. This is why you must do research, know customer’s reviews and artist and dermatologist views before choosing a numbing cream. Plus, check the active ingredients, effectiveness level, and duration of numbness. And for your laser hair removal, you must choose the numbing cream with high level of numbness.

Don’t Sideline the Side Effects:

While application of this cream does not interfere with treatment, there may be a number of side-effects you can have. But that happens only when you excessively use the cream or don’t apply it according to the guidelines. The common side-effects are itching, redness, prolonged numbness, blistering and tingling. Make sure you are not allergic to anyone of the components of the numbing cream.

Numbing Cream is Great for Laser Hair Removal Treatment:

Numbing cream is useful to reduce the stress levels of those who are the first timers and are panicked by the pain level involve in laser hair removal treatment. Most people who use numbing cream before getting laser treatments say that they remain comfortable and feel less pain.

Apart from that, most dermatologist recommends numbing cream before undergoing laser treatment.

So, you can choose numbing cream for your laser hair removal treatment. Again, you must make research, read reviews and ask your dermatologist before choosing a quality numbing cream. You can trust Dr.Numb® numbing cream which is a ultimate numbing solution for laser treatments, waxing, tattooing, piercing and minor surgeries.