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Monroe piercing: 10 Tips to Speed up the Healing Process

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 20th

Monroe piercing: 10 Tips to Speed up the Healing Process

If you are planning for Monroe piercing, you need to know that healing can take quite some time. However, if you put in some sincere efforts, you can speed up healing and enjoy a wonderful body modification. Let’s find out what you need to do.

Want to get you lip pierced? Looking for an extravagant style?

Monroe piercing can be a good choice. Basically, it is a type of piercing which is done on the upper lip. Being located on the left side, i.e. similar to the beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe, the name arrive Monroe Piercing. But that’s not all! There are several other names for this piercing such as Beezy piercing, Anti Bites, Crayfish, or Angel Bites. Usually, it is done using a labret, and the most appropriate gauge is usually 14, 16 or 18 for this type of lip piercing. And when it is healed, the bars will be shortened.

How is Monroe piercing done?

If you want to get a Monroe piercing then you must start your search for a reputable piercing shop. Ensure the environment is clean and hygienic. Initially, the piercing artist will mark the area where the piercing is to be done. Before you start with the procedure, you would be asked to rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Then a clamp will be placed on your upper lip.

After this, the piercer will insert a hollow needle through your lip and when he is done with the piercing, he will insert a barbell or a labret. In majority of the cases, there will be some bleeding. Don’t panic as your piercer knows how to take care of it so it will stop quickly.

Is Monroe piercing painful?

Just like any other piercing, even this will cause some amount of pain. Now how much pain you suffer, will depend greatly on your threshold. As the skin above the lips is highly sensitive, chances are that you will go through greater discomfort. But that’s not a problem as you can switch to any topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®.

Yes, it is one of the best numbing agents available. The best thing you don’t need any doctor’s prescription for it. You can buy it over the counter or online. Being a FDA certified product which consists of 5% lidocaine, it is safe for every skin type. You can check for the experts and customers reviews, and how beneficial this cream is.

What to know before getting a Monroe piercing?

The only problem with this piercing is that it requires extra care. As it is done on your face, you need to be very careful and pay attention to the healing process. Your mouth contains different bacteria which raises the chances of getting an infection.

Risk of infection;

It is similar to any other piercing. Yes, there is a tendency for some long-term infections to the teeth and gums. The reason is quite know; this piercing involves use of a metal which will constantly rub against the skin. So, most likely it can cause damage to the tooth enamel. You can prevent this particular problem by using a plastic labret stud instead.

Healing takes time;

As stated earlier that it is located in the lip area, Monroe piercing healing time is usually between 8 to 12 weeks. However, for other piercing types it the duration for healing is somewhere between 3 to 6 weeks.

How to speed up the healing process?

It is important for you take care of your Monroe piercing. To make it heal properly, you need to eat plenty of cold products like ice and ice cream, meanwhile taking care that these are sugar free. From using antibacterial mouthwash to keeping sugar products at bay, there is a lot you need to do boost recovery pace.

Below are some of the aftercare tips you must consider for proper healing;

  1. After your every meal, make sure you rinse mouth for 1 minute. This helps you take care of the oral infections out of food products. Use only medical grade mouth wash for this purpose.
  2. For the crust below the piercing jewelry, you can prefer having a steam session for your face. Also, you must clean your face with anti-bacterial soap, twice a day.
  3. Use an antibacterial soap to wash your hands before you touch the jewelry or the piercing area. Even it is for smaller duration, it is essential to curtail the infections.
  4. Avoid stuffing your mouth with big bites and try eating very slowly.
  5. Unless your piercing heals properly, avoid tobacco products, sweets and chewing gum.
  6. You can keep offensive breath at bay if you use the regular oral rinse. But you cannot rely on the regular oral rinse at all cost. Try oral antiseptic which can be used in the diluted form and is perfect for rinsing out those infections.
  7. Avoid cleaning the piercing too much. As it can be a reason of delay in the healing process.
  8. You can use natural skin care products but avoid petroleum based products while healing is going on.
  9. If you are dealing with swelling after piercing, don’t panic! It can be easily reduced by taking some ice pops, ice creams or just chilled or frozen yogurts.
  10. Be very careful while choosing the jewelry. It should not be loose or too tight, as this might also delay the healing process

Besides swelling, there can be severe pain in the area of piercing. Yes, pain can exist after piercing. So, you can again use over the counter analgesics like Dr.Numb® to help in bringing down the pain.

Again it is about the bacteria and food particles which exist in the mouth and can create infections. To avoid this problem, you must brush 2-3 times of day. It will remove all the food particles in between teeth and stop breeding of bacteria.

Well, different people have different reasons to choose this type of piercing. However, it is the uniqueness and extraordinary appeal of this piercing style, which makes it a preferred choice. You can wear that black, rounded stud, and it appears like a beauty mark.

Or you can chose sparkling gem and it will be like a star on your face. You can go for it and follow the above stated tips to take care of your skin!