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From Monroe to Murder Victim—Piercings Named after a Person

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Nov 29th

From Monroe to Murder Victim—Piercings Named after a Person

Here we have rounded up the popular piercings that are inspired from a celebrity or wearer.

From roads, bacteria, astronomical objects to the vessels, there are many worldly things that are named after a person or celebrity. And piercing is no exception. Have you heard about Monroe piercing? Do you know there is a piercing named after a murder victim? Do you know why upper lip piercing is known as Monroe piercing?

Here we have rounded up the popular piercings that are inspired from a celebrity or wearer.

Earl Piercing or Bridge Piercing:

A bridge piercing is a facial piercing through the skin on the bridge of the nose which is slightly below the eyes of the wearer. The piercing just goes through the loose skin above your bridge. Bridge piercing is also known as Earl piercing on the name of the very first wearer. Don Kopka is said to invent bridge piercing who named it after the first person, Erl Van Aken, to get it done.

Monroe/Madonna or Upper Lip Piercing:

You must have got an idea why upper lip piercing is called Monroe or Madonna piercing. A Monroe piercing is a lip piercing done above the upper lip on the left hand side—exactly where Marilyn Monroe’s mole was. However, the “beauty spot” was on her cheek, not her lip. And if the piercing is placed on the right hand side, it will be termed as Madonna piercing as the iconic pop star has her mole on the right side. Sometime Crawford piercing is also used for this variant.

ASHLEY or Inverted Vertical Labret Piercing:

Also known as “Angle Kissing”, inverted vertical labret is done in the middle of the lower lip. It is said that Ashley is a first woman to wear this form of piercing; hence the piercing is named after her. According to another belief, Ashley piercing was accidentally discovered when a woman’s standard labret piercing went wrong.

MEDUSA or Philtrum Piercing:

Philtrum piercing is an upper lip piercing. It is done on the area between upper lip and the septum of the nose. Medusa is a Greek mythological figure who is believed to turn the onlookers into stone if they gazed into her eyes.

DAHLIA or Lip Corner Piercings:

Dahila piercing is one of the latest additions to the piercing types. It is named after the infamous murder victim, Elizabeth Shot who is also known as the Black Dahlia. The woman was brutally murdered and found badly mutilated. The murderer had slashed her from the corner of her mouth to her ears. It is called Dahlia piercing because of this facial mutilation. It is also known as Joker piercing as due to Joker’s scratch mark in Batman.

MADISON or Neck Piercing:

A Madison piercing is a body piercing which goes through the skin at the front of the neck. It is named after a popular 90s porn star, Madison Stone who has now turned into a tattoo artist. Madison has popularized this type of surface piercing. Nowadays, it is a constant rage.

JESTRUM or Vertical Philtrum Piercing:

Vertical philtrum piercing looks like a vertical labret as it is done on the middle of the upper lip. But the only difference is that it goes through the upper lip rather than the bottom lip. The first woman to get it was JesikaBornsen, who was pierced by Derek Lowe of Saint Sabrina's, which gave the piercing its nickname.

CLEOPATRA or Anti-Eyebrow Piercing:

Needless to say this piercing was named after the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. This was due to the placement that was similar to the way that Cleopatra is shown with her dramatic eye makeup. This facial piercing goes through above the cheekbone or below the eyebrow. Generally, it is done with a small surface bar or sometimes with a curved barbell. You can get it in vertical or horizontal position. Cleopatra piercing or anti-eyebrow piercing is also known as teardrops, butterfly tears and cheek piercing. However, Cleopatra piercing term is also used for a form of genital piercing for females. Make sure that your piercing artist knows which Cleopatra piercing are you talking about.

RAGNAR or Deep Snug Piercing:

Ragnar piercing is named after its first wearer, ThureRagnarStedt. Being considered as one of the rare body piercings, it is a type of snug piercing done on the cartilage of the ear. The piercing passes through the anti-helix of the ear from the medial to lateral surfaces.

AUSTIN BAR or Horizontal Nasal Tip Piercing:

Austin bar or Horizontal nasal tip piercing is a horizontal nasal tip piercing goes through the point of the nose. It does not go through the septum itself. It is not exposed inside the nasal cavities, making it different from a nasallang piercing. It is named after its very first wearer who was pierced by Patrick Bartholomew. Given that it is a rare piercing, there isn’t much info on it than this.

And “Below the Belt” Piercing are Also with “Namesake”

Besides these facial piercings, there are genital piercings named after a person. Princess Diana Piercing, Christina/Venus Piercing, Layne Piercing, and Nefertiti Piercing are some of the fine examples of piercing below the belt. One of the widely practiced genital piercings for male is a Prince Albert piercing.

So, these are the piercings that are named after their first wearer, inventor or inspiration. Interested in getting one? Keep in mind that all the piercings listed in this blog are complicated, thereby requiring you a professional piercer. Don’t try any one of them at home as it can lead to serious complication and scarring.

Make sure to stay informed about any specific piercing type you are interested in. This is because most of the piercing styles closely resemble each other. For example, you can confuse Madonna with Monroe piercing or snug with antihelix.

One more thing—don’t forget to use Dr.Numb® numbing cream to dull your piercing pain. Dr.Numb® dulls your pain receptors for couple of hours so that you don’t feel pain during piercing.