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Microneedling Made Simple: Impressive Results Possible at Home!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 30th

Microneedling Made Simple: Impressive Results Possible at Home!

Microneedling is one of the most effective and efficient solutions to stimulate collagen production. If you are new to this, you need to know that it offers you fresh and youthful appearance. And all this at a very cost-effective price! Find out more details here.

Want bouncier skin? Don’t want to waste money buying those expensive skincare products?

Microneedling is certainly an answer to your problem. Yes, it is a simple, effective, safe, and minimally invasive therapeutic technique. Though, it was initially introduced for skin rejuvenation, yet nowadays it is being used for a number of reasons. However, the idea of puncturing your skin might not be that suitable to your ears, right?

It is not something which you did earlier… (Back in your childhood)

Remember the plea ‘Leave your skin alone’, which was given to you every time something erupted in spots as a teenager. The same came from everyone, from your mom to the cosmetic professionals, isn’t it? And believe it, they were right. Actually, when you squeeze, or pick a spot, it essentially damages your skin over the time and again. Hence, leaving behind a scar, that is more terrible.

Luckily, microneedling is not similar. The idea is different here; by puncturing the skin with microneedles, the process tends to send your skin into reparative mode. This means that your skin’s repairing speed will pace up, and gradually producing better results. So, it includes ramping up collagen and elastin production. Therefore, your skin then behaves more youthfully. Moreover, it also provides a channel for the skin care products you use later. As these will be able to penetrate more deeply, making it more effective.

As you haven’t tried this procedure beforehand, there might be many questions coming through. You will find your answers here;

How does microneeding work?

As stated it is one of the best treatments for skin resurfacing. Basically, it works is by using tiny needles which are rolled over your skin. These needles are long enough to cause microscopic injuries to the fine blood vessels. Remember, it treats at the level of the hair follicles. Hence, there can be a small bit of bleeding, when the platelets leave the blood vessels. However, there will be no excessive bleeding.

Now this blood gets exposed to the surrounding tissue and causes a reaction, leading to the excretion of hormones and growth factors by the platelets. This will cause the stimulation of fibroblasts and other collagen producing cells. Hence, the number starts increasing in terms of production and results in more elastic and rejuvenated skin.

Can microneedling be done anywhere on my body?

Absolutely, you can try it anywhere. And there is no reason why you shouldn’t use your roller anywhere. Hence, wherever you find a problem with your skin texture, or scarring are an issue, you can start with microneedling. Though you may need longer needles, in some cases, to tackle thicker skin, yet it is applicable to all areas. For instance, if you are approaching the eyes then you must be using a needling device which is designed for the delicate area.

Is it painful?

Saying that this process is not painful will be completely wrong! Yes, you read it right- microneedling can cause discomfort. Well, the level of pain caused might differ from person to person. But the fact is it will cause pain. But you don’t need to fear. You can easily make it painless using a topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb®. Actually it is the presence of lidocaine, a numbing agent, which makes Dr.Numb® apt for blocking the pain signals.

Is there any difference between a clinic treatment and doing it at home?

The major difference between the process done in a salon and doing at home is the result and safety. While at a clinic environment, the professionals can use much longer needles, i.e. up to 3mm for the treatments of deep acne scars or deep skin resurfacing, on the other hand microneedling done at home is usually done with a 0.5mm long needle.

As the professionals are expert in handling skin of different types, they can best judge the need of needle length and number of sessions required, as per your requirement. Plus, microneedling works even better in combination with mild or moderate deep skin peels. And this is possible at clinic.

How will the skin look immediately afterwards?

Just after the treatment if your skin starts appearing red or pink, don’t panic. This pinkness in the skin, and those little spots of bleeding, are a sign that this treatment works. So, don’t worry too much.

How long do the effects last and how frequently should you do it?

As far as the numbers of the sessions are concerned, this really depends on how intense the problem is. For the results, it is bit tricky to understand. As the results happen on a cellular level, this treatment will impact the health of cells. Hence, scars and wrinkles will be reduced certainly and will remain reduced. But these can occur again.

To make it clearer, with microneedling you may reduce a scar's thickness. However, if you sustain further damage on top of that scar, you might have to undergo another course.

Shall I apply any skincare after the process? Will it work well with microneedling?

When it comes to aftercare, it is usually recommended to use antioxidant-rich products. Reason is simple, because UV or free radical damage will always reduce the amount of collagen. Hence, you can pick any good quality antioxidant serum, followed by application of sunscreen, and maybe a light moisturizer.

Can anyone try microneedling?

Usually, the answer is YES. Mironeedling has something good to offer to all skin types and hues. Plus, it doesn’t cause any major damage. However, dermatologists caution against rolling it over active acne and more sensitive skin.

While it works on scars and wrinkles alike, this treatment can be used to address skin concerns provided these are not too inflamed.

So, now you can go ahead for better skin. All the best!