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Effective Microdermabrasion Treatment for deep acne scars

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 10th

Effective Microdermabrasion Treatment for deep acne scars

Are you worried that acne scars are fading your natural skin appearance? Don’t worry you may get rid of the problem with effective Microdermabrasion treatment. It is basically a type of cosmetic procedure that exfoliates the superficial layer of your skin to remove the dry and dead skin cells.

Meanwhile, it stimulates the production of collagen, an essential component in your skin. This is possible with the help of diamond tip or stream of fine crystals to smoothen and polish your skin. It works best on problems such as dull skin, brown spots, and age spots.

When is Microdermabrasion used?

Microdermabrasion is suitable for all skin types to make subtle changes. However, it is not effective for deeper problems such as scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, or deep acne scars. For deep scars, it is recommended to go for Dermabrasion process, in which dermatologist sands your skin with a special instrument. The procedure makes way for a new, smoother layer of skin to replace the skin that's been treated.

Lasers can also be used for some forms of scarring and would yield better results than microdermabrasion. If the scars are really deep or "ice pick" scars, then a filler using collagen or hyaluronic acids could be used to "plump up" the scar, making it blend in better with the surrounding skin. So, overall, microdermabrasion is great for maintaining healthy skin but not the go to treatment for deep scars.

You should go for microdermabrasion, when:

  • You have dull or sallow skin.
  • You are suffering from mild acne or acne discoloration.
  • Your skin has pick marks or superficial acne marks
  • You are in your 50s or older and are considering getting a facelift.
  • You have a busy schedule and want a shorter treatment and recovery time with minimal side effects.

Types of treatment:

There are two types of microdermabrasion treatments, which you must know about.

1. Crystal Microdermabrasion

This is the longest-running type of microdermabrasion. During this procedure, a wand-like device is used for spraying fine crystals onto your skin. The crystals contain either organic sodium bicarbonate or aluminium oxide. These loose crystals grind your skin and an attached vacuum will help suck the dead skin cells off your face.

Crystal microdermabrasion is your best option for acne, since the crystals contains antibacterial properties. But the crystals may irritate your eyes and you might feel that your skin has been sand blasted.

2. Diamond Microdermabrasion

This procedure uses a wand with tip made of either natural or synthetic diamond chips. This procedure is easier to control and the treatments are quick, moreover, there is a limited risk of ingestion. Redness is not an issue, either, since it will disappear within one day.

Tips for choosing your dermatologist:

  • Check for qualifications, which include educational achievement, experience and portfolio of customers.
  • Choose someone who is easily accessible and affordable at the same time.
  • Look for a doctor who offers a variety of treatment packages.