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Microblading- Care For Your Skin For Proper Effectiveness

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 20th

Microblading- Care For Your Skin For Proper Effectiveness

The statistics of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reveal that Non-Surgical procedures contributed 42% in total of $13 billion spent by Americans on cosmetic procedures in 2015. The number has increased by 44% over last five years. The one such procedure that emerged and is gaining popularity all over the world is Microblading.

Your early morning alarms are irritating but there is no other option than to wake up early get some cosmetic on to look beautiful. However, science has come up with an alternative to make you look beautiful without hampering your sleep.

The treatment of Microblading sounds appealing but it demands extra care and pampering from your side to bear fruitful results. The article shares few tips that you must follow after your microblading treatment to make sure that you get positive results out of the treatment.


After the microblading treatment, Lymph fluid comes out of the skin and it is highly advised to make use of clean cloth to dry the area by absorbing the excessive amount of lymph fluid. With 5 minutes frequency, repeat the procedure for the whole day until the fluid vanishes. This step is performed to make sure that your lymph does not get hard.


Following are the steps that you need to follow for effective washing of affected area:

  • With clean fingertips and an antibacterial soap, wash the affected area at the start and end of every day.
  • Your eyebrows demand gentle cleansing for 15 seconds. Then wash with water to make sure that all the soap has rinsed away.
  • Gently pat the affected area with a clean tissue to dry the area.

It is vital to keep your skin moisturized during the aftercare phase of microblading. Following procedure needs to be followed for effective moisturizing:

  • Before the application of the aftercare ointment, make sure that the affected area is completely clean and your fingers are clean to apply it.
  • Make use of a just small amount of aftercare ointment and take it on your clean finger and apply it to the microbladed area.
  • The quantity of ointment to be used is half of that the size of rice grain.
  • Use the aftercare ointment twice per day for the quick and natural healing process.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, their other important points that you should keep in your mind as soon as you get treated with the microblading procedure.

  • Wait for your skin to recover to kick-start your regular routine

Note that your skin is as important as your workout. Just focus on the main purpose of getting your skin treated. You definitely will not wish to ruin the entire process. Hence, be patient and being patient is biggest aftercare precaution you can ever take. For that to happen you have to just put a halt on your regular routine of exercising until your body heals.

Avoid swimming in the chlorinated pool for few days after your treatment. Chlorine will dry up your skin.

  • Be safe from the rays of the sun

One of the main ingredients that should be with you all the time after the microblading treatment is sunscreen. Keep on applying it every 3 hours until the skin gets healed up properly. Your physician can be the best guide who can consult you with some good sunscreen as per your skin requirement. If at any time you find your sunscreen to be allergic to your skin, stop its use immediately. It is advised to make use of sunscreen with SPF 30 or more for better protection of your skin.

  • Regular sessions are important

Microblading is an expensive treatment. While it costs can differ from region to region, you will require spending a considerable amount on the follow-up appointments too. These should be scheduled anywhere from six to eight weeks later. Here it is important to note that you absolutely need the second appointment. Reason being, the technician will hit the areas which might have gone missed due to swelling. So, if you avoid this appointment, there can be some scarce areas, and you might not get the desired shape. So, make sure to complete the entire treatment by attending the regular sessions with your physician.

Bonus tip- Don’t forget to wear sunglasses and a hat when you go outside.

“If you are still on planning stage to get your skin treated and think pain is the biggest obstacle, then note that the pain varies from person to person. Mostly the experts use lidocaine creams for your painless treatment. The numbing cream contains lidocaine which is effective to numb your skin and makes the treatment pain free.”