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Measure the Football Fever with Thermometer of Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 12th

Measure the Football Fever with Thermometer of Tattoos

England’s hope to end the 52- year old drought again took the formation of clouds after their defeat against Croatia last night. England will have to wait for another 4 years to water their land with a world cup win.

England are out of Russia 2018, beaten in extra time by Mario Mandzukic’s goal, but their hurtful end has also ended hopes of many fans. The over-occupied pubs and restaurants got emptied in no time after they realized that the world cup isn’t ‘coming home’ this year.

Many over-optimistic buffs of England Football team supported their team in their own unique but weird ways. Various supporters and ardent fans of England Football adorned themselves with permanent tattoos predicting the cup win of England in advance to the 2 matches.

Their tattoo must have been turned into a bitter regret when the final whistle of the referee announced their team defeat.

  • The sixth sense of Teddy Allen failed

Teddy Allen of Staffordshire spent four hours in the chair to get his thigh inked with a large picture of Kane and a sentence quoting “World Cup Winners 2018” below it. The idea to get a tattoo popped up in his mind after England’s drastic win of 6-1 over Panama. And when the team England defeated Sweden, he immediately finalized to get a tattoo on his left thigh.

He says, “It’s the team England have this year – such a young team and they’re gelling together much better than any of the teams I’ve seen before.” Further, he said that “He was confident England could prove him right and win and he would not "live to regret it".

  • Who is coming home?

Since yesterday the social media of England was flooded with a common buzzword- ‘It’s coming home’. And their predictions turned into reality but with tears in eyes as it was not a trophy but their favorite players coming back with learned lessons.

A fan of England Football team, Alex Allan Smith, 18 decided to post a status on his body with his skin as a social media platform. This young man dared to get the tattoo on his bottom, declaring 'It's coming home'. He went a step ahead by getting Gareth Southgate's face inked above the quote.

  • Football team on the neck without any trophy

Promises are meant to be kept and one who keeps his promise is treated as a gentleman. The gentleman Welch, who is the manager of Sunday League side AFC London Road Hertfordshire made a promising way back in May. He chose Twitter as a platform to make a weird promise. He posted that "Putting my neck on the line, but if @England get to the quarterfinals with that squad, I will get the 23 man squad names tattooed on me."

He remained true to his words and just after the nail-biting penalty shoot-out win against Colombia, Welch got his neck inked with names of all the players. At the top was the name-Gareth Southgate- the manager of the England Football team, followed by names of the players of the whole squad.

After his tattoo, he posted on Twitter that: "True to my word, f***ing love it."

  • Thin-line difference between confidence and over-confidence

The tournament was still in group stages and a guy named Jamie Richardson, 32, from Leeds went far ahead to support the underdog team of the tournament- England. He got a tattoo inked on his stomach quoting "England 2018 World Cup Winners".

He said he is "confident" England is going to win the World Cup and that he was inspired to have the tattoo during the game against Panama.