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May Your Loved Ones Live with You Forever

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 16th

May Your Loved Ones Live with You Forever

Valentine’s is arriving and you might be wondering about a gift for your loved one. Why not gift your lover with a tattoo having his or her DNA in it? Confused? Welcome to 2018 and let’s welcome DNA Tattoos that enter your ink and make your love immortal.

Technology is racing and in 2018 we are going to witness revolutions in many fields but above all tattoo industry will be shocked to see the changes science is bringing. Recently we talked about the Soundwave Tattoos where you can play any sound along with tattoo. Today we will introduce you to another beauty of assortment of science and art: Biogenic Tattoos aka DNA tattoos.

Birth of DNA Tattoo

The underground artists recognized this technology as “Morbid Ink” and is requested by the customers who wish to keep the memories of deceased family members, friends or even animals in their heart forever.

The word DNA confuses with some complex biological reaction but fortunately you don’t have to worry about it. It is just a DNA insertion method using tattoo ink and the company who gave birth to this technology is named as Everence. The name originated from mixture of forever and reverence. The man behind this technology is Mr. Patrick Duffy. He, along with his father ran a scuba-diving therapeutic programme for military veterans where he got inspire by a tattoo of a woman. The tattoo was woman’s dedication for her late husband who was killed in a combat.

That made Duffy thinks that turning a tattoo into a reliquary will be a great dedication for anyone. His journey started and 4 years of sheer dedication and number of patents paved way for Everence, a product he and his partners hope will deepen bonds - in the most literal and physical way - between family, friends and loved ones.

According to Everence, “It is a revolutionary technology that allows you to capture the essence of what is truly meaningful to you, and carry it with you on your journey through life.”

What is DNA Tattoo and how it works

The sample of DNA is synthesized to form a powdery substance and a small vial of Everence can be brought to a tattoo artist and added to any type of ink. Following is step by step procedure to get a DNA Tattoo:

  • Everence will send a DNA kit once you order it.
  • DNA sample will be provided by you. DNA can be in any form (saliva, skin, hair or blood).
  • Send back the collected DNA to Everence.
  • DNA will be extracted and purified at Everence, thereby converting it into a powder form. In nutshell, lots of copies of supplied DNA will be generated and the same will be sent back to you without any chemical impurities.
  • The vial of powdered DNA will be provided by Everence.
  • On day of your appointment take it with you to a tattoo artist and he will mix the powder with the ink.
  • Please note that 60 days is the time period, the company needs to get you the vial of powder.

Features of DNA Tattoo

  • The major benefit with this technology is getting rid of regret to some extent. Now you don’t have to get someone’s name inked on your body to express your love and if unfortunately there comes a day when you break up with your lover, you will definitely wish your ex’s DNA should not have been there in the skin but at least it’s not something as obvious as her name.
  • If we talk about safety of this technology, company claims the procedure to be entirely safe. A non-biodegradable polymer is used in powder and is returned in the vials. These are safe because they don’t get absorbed into the skin. This is a very important point as there will be no risk of DNA being recognized by the immune system because reorganization mean running of a tattoo.
  • The technology is not cheap. It currently comes with a tag of $540 but people are recognizing this technology and gaining lots of attention.
  • Tattoo ink is not regulated by the FDA as it is considered to be a cosmetic. It is the reason that product is not approved by FDA.

The first thing that comes to mind when one thinks to express the feelings is Tattoo. Getting a tattoo of her name or dedicating a tattoo to a lost loved one is pretty old concept now. Get up and welcome this new technology.

But the only thing common in this tattoo and all other traditional tattoos will be pain. Don’t forget to use Dr.Numb® ointment prior to the inking procedure to make the tattoo journey painless.