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Does It Matter Where The Tattoo Is Located

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 13th

Does It Matter Where The Tattoo Is Located

Tattoos are one of the most famous and oldest forms of all the body modifications and help to elevate the personality of a person. Tattoos are used as a platform to express the feelings but with its pros come cons too. The biggest con that accompanies with a tattoo is regret.

Yes, people with the number of tattoos are increasing with passing days but at same time number of people with a tattoo, regret is also increasing. This is the reason that half of the men regret someday after getting a tattoo. However, there are many reasons that are related to tattoo regret and amongst them; one of the reasons is the location of the tattoo. Among all the men who regret their tattoos, 24% said that it’s because of inking a tattoo on biceps.

Getting a tattoo is not as easy as one think. It’s not like you wake up one morning and decides to get a tattoo. A good tattoo consists of few elements called: SHAPE. Apart from these elements, selecting a location for a tattoo is also a big decision that should be made wisely.

  • S- Selection of design and tattoo artist.
  • H- Healthy diet.
  • A- Aftercare of tattoo.
  • P- Pain.
  • E- Eagerness of getting a tattoo.

Location played an important role in the tattoo experience of Shane. The article shares his experience of getting a tattoo.

A good design alone cannot lead to a good tattoo

Since my childhood, I was fond of writing. I started writing stories at an age of 7 and as I grew my love for writing also got stronger. I have two passions, one to write and second to read. Reading is my input and writing is my output. My love for reading and writing paved way for higher studies in English literature after my high school.

But I wanted to express my love for writing. I saw many people around me with so many weird tattoos and I decided to stand out from the crowd by getting a unique tattoo design on my skin. I researched a lot and after my thorough hard-work, I decided to get an image of the pen to be inked on my wrist.

My next task after finalizing a tattoo design was to find a good tattoo artist near me. I consulted many tattoo artists and finally found a good tattoo artist who understood what I demanded. But I came across one problem when tattoo artist told me that I cannot get a tattoo on my wrist because of much denser veins than others. I got upset and decided on the spot to get the same tattoo on my biceps, however, my tattoo artist advised me to choose some other tattoo location as the design didn’t suit the said location, as per the artist.

However, I confronted him and pushed him to go ahead with the same tattoo design at my biceps. I booked my appointment for next week. Finally, the day arrived when I was about to get a tattoo for an entire lifetime on my biceps. Tattoo artist started the process by applying numbing cream on my biceps and went ahead with inking process. The whole process took 2 hours to complete and I finally got a tattoo which looked really bad on my skin.

The reason was not that I chose a bad tattoo design. The design was really unique and beautiful but a single design depicting just a pen on my biceps appeared very ugly. I was so much disappointed with my tattoo that I ended up in tears.

My tattoo artist calmed me down and advised me to fill the tattoo and nearby area so that tattoo becomes bit large and looks good at biceps. I asked him to take the charge but told him that theme should revolve around my passion for reading and writing.

Thanks to my tattoo artist George who saved my tattoo and gave birth to a wonderful tattoo. His art and dedication towards tattooing saved my tattoo. I learned a huge lesson this day that every design you chose is meant for some particular location, so as much time you spend on finding a good tattoo design and tattoo artist, the same amount of time should be utilized in discussion with a tattoo artist on where to locate the tattoo.

The tattoo is a lifetime commitment and hence you should not rush to get it, else you will end up regretting your tattoo. Shane was fortunate enough that his tattoo artist was really skilled enough to save his tattoo, but not everyone is so much fortunate. So think wisely and research thoroughly before getting a tattoo because tattoo will live with you forever.