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Makeup Myths That Need To Be Put In Trash-Bin

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 6th

Makeup Myths That Need To Be Put In Trash-Bin

Makeup is one of the important assets of the woman that make her look beautiful and confident amongst the crowd. Women are quite dependent upon makeup to boost their confidence and self-esteem. Even a study shows that 44% of women feel unattractive without any makeup on.

However, most of the women know how to apply the makeup on their skin but the bitter truth is that they do not know how to apply the makeup effectively and efficiently on the skin.

The article shares a few myths regarding makeup that need to be read and thrown in the trash immediately for all the makeup lovers.

Myth #1: Primers and moisturizers work the same way


The real fact is that moisturizers and primers are packed with completely different formula. The job of the primer is to make the application of the foundation easy by building a smooth base that lasts longer. Primer works perfectly well and helps to fill the lines by minimizing the pore size and oiliness. However, the moisturizers help to hydrate the skin and control dryness. It is preferred to apply the primer after moisturizing the skin and before the application of foundation.

Myth #2: Pump your mascara for more product


One of the worst makeup habits of women is to pump their mascara for more products. However, what is more, the preferred approach is to twist the mascara wand out of the tube instead of pumping it. Pumping the mascara makes the safe passage for air to get into the tube that eventually forces in the bacteria and cause them to get trapped. The inside of your mascara tube will become the perfect habitat for bacteria to survive and reproduce. Make sure to replace mascara after every 30 days in order to practice safe mascara habits.

Myth #3: Expensive cosmetics are better than inexpensive ones


There are no such expensive and inexpensive cosmetics. Please note there are good cosmetics in all price ranges. So, it really doesn’t mean much to buy a $50 tube of lip-gloss. The best part of buying a makeup product is that most of the stores allow you to test their products before purchasing. Grab this opportunity effectively and take full advantage of it. Looking at the price tag and assuming the product effectiveness is not a sagacious move.

Myth #4: It is safe to sleep with makeup on


Most of the women put their make up on with full enthusiasm but when the time comes to remove it, they get lazy and ignore the side-effects of not removing the makeup before hitting the bed. If you leave your makeup on overnight, your pores will clog and it can lead to skin dehydration and infections. Makeup often contains irritants like dyes and perfumes that, when left on the skin for long periods of time, can cause inflammation. Hence, it is always advised to wash the face thoroughly before going to bed.

Most of the women lack the makeup etiquettes that eventually hurt their skin. For instance, a study found that 22% of women have never cleaned their makeup brushes. This fact is startling and there is nothing in this fact to be proud of. If you belong to this category then its high time to wake up and start caring for your skin.