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Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Jun 11th


Being a highly effective method for hair removal, laser treatment help you keep unwanted body hair at bay. Yes, it make possible to keep waxing, shaving, etc. at a distance for several years altogether. However, with all these benefits you need to undergo the pain of the laser. But, not now; find out how you can eliminate the pain from the process.

Both men and women have different problems with hair overgrowth on different parts of their body. If you're also among those who are constantly fighting the unwanted hair and are fed up of shaving or waxing, then it is high time to think about a better and long term solution. Yes, you guessed it right! It is about laser hair removal. Nowadays it is well known and one of the most permanent treatments available. And, yes it highly effective than shaving and waxing.

With the evolution of technology, laser hair removal has now become a synonym for permanent removal of hair. So, you too can go with the flow and get beautiful skin. But before that you book an appointment in a laser clinic, there is something you must know about this treatment. In laser treatment, a long pulse laser is used to remove the hair from its root. Using a specific wavelength, a laser beam is delivered into the skin which causes pain too.

Yes, it causes pain. How much? It depends on your threshold. However, you don’t need to stop yourself from getting clean and clear skin. You can go for laser treatment without any fear of the pain. All you need is a perfect numbing solution. Let’s introduce you to the top 5 numbing creams you can count on:


This solution contains 4% Lidocaine and it works very well for laser hair removal. Being distributed within U.S. it is one of the best choices. For best results, it is advised to apply an eighth of an inch thick layer of topicaine over the treatment area. Allow it to leave on your skin to make skin feel completely numb. The best thing about topicaine is well priced and easily accessible.

LMX 5:

It is said to be designed to work with a whole host of treatments and procedures. However, it is best known to work well for laser hair removal. Developed by a leading U.S pharmaceutical firm, Ferndale Labs, it is a part of their dermatology innovation. As far as the ingredients are concerned, it includes Lidocaine 5%, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Trolamine, Vitamin E Acetate, Isopropyl Myristate, Benzyl Alcohol, Carbomer 940, Cholesterol, Polysorbate 80, Propylene Glycol, and Water.

The cream works really well. All you need is to be patient and wait for it to work on your skin for long enough. It's more kind of a gel. So, let your skin soak it.

Dr Numb®:

It has gathered a lot of hype these days. Ruling over the global market, Dr Numb® has been already a big hit within the tattoo industry. And now it is ruling over the hearts for magical effects in laser hair removal process. Being manufactured with the finest quality of lidocaine, Dr. Numb® is a non-oily and water based numbing solution. Having 5% Lidocaine, it is one of the certified products, approved by the FDA. It is safe and effective even for the sensitive areas of the body.


Another FDA-compliant topical anesthetic cream, which can be trusted for laser hair removal treatment, Hush help you essentially eliminate as much pain as possible for laser hair removal experience. This clear gel is a non-oily solution which contains 4% Lidocaine. It is a unique blend of botanical extracts including aloe vera and animal cruelty-free numbing solution.

So, if you are among those who cannot stand the overindulgence of hair and also fear for the pain caused by laser treatment, you can seriously think about using any of the above listed numbing solutions before you start with laser hair removal treatment.