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Love And Tattoos Have Got An Amicable Relationship

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Mar 6th

Love And Tattoos Have Got An Amicable Relationship

Although God has sent every human being on earth with his or her own different story, still there are few stories that human makes after taking the birth. To record some of the best stories in their life, they opt for the medium of body modifications so that those stories become memories and those memories become part of your body for an entire lifetime.

Out of all the forms of body modifications, tattoos play one of the major roles to act as a platform for self-expression. It is the reason that 45 million people in the US have got at least one tattoo on their body. Most people get a tattoo to express their love for someone and that someone is mostly the boyfriend or girlfriend.

There are very fewer people who get them inked for love for anything else. Of all the people with a tattoo, still, there are 33% of people who claim that they got a tattoo with a purpose to remember a certain place.

Krista also lies under the category of 33% people, whose love for her birthplace urged a feeling to get a tattoo on her skin which she believes will live as another body part with her for an entire lifetime.

My love for my state got inked in form of a tattoo

I took birth in 1993 in a beautiful state of USA, California. Raised and pampered by my father who was originally from USA and mother who was from Spain, I grew up with a wish to be a biologist in my coming years. California gave me everything: education, a healthy environment, and a platform to showcase my researches. I never took it seriously until one day I had to leave my country to further pursue my research work in Europe.

I did my schooling from States, made many good friends, also bagged a doctorate degree from my beloved country, but to follow my further dreams, somehow I had to left my state and concentrate on my post-doctorate in an unknown world of Europe.

I was too happy and excited about this new phase of my life. But my happiness didn’t last even 1 year and I started to miss my birthplace. I realized how California cared as a mother, taught me new lessons as a teacher and always acted as a shield like a father.

While chasing my dreams, at this point I realized how important an environment is for a healthy research works. I was too much proud of myself to reach this stage of my life where I can say “Yes I did it all because of myself.” But No, even my birthplace played an important role to make me reach where I am today.

This feeling boosted me with positivity and confidence which lighted a spark in my heart to move forward on the road to success for my country.

I wanted my birthplace to be always with me wherever I am, so I decided to get myself inked because I thought this will be the best platform to make my memory permanent forever. Although the design which I chose was not so unique, big and visible to others, for me, this is a priceless and satisfied my need.

I decided a tattoo design with an outline of the state of California on the inside of my left ring finger. I chose this location so that I can feel fully engaged with my state, no matter wherever I go.

I was nervous about my first ever tiny tattoo. I will like to share my experience of first ever tattoo in a step-by-step manner:

  • After deciding the tattoo design, I booked an appointment with a tattoo artist.
  • To calm down my nervousness, he explained the entire procedure with patience.
  • Then he applied numbing cream (Dr.Numb® ) on the area where I was getting a tattoo.
  • Numbing cream is applied to make the tattoo procedure pain free and it really did a good job.
  • After 30 minutes of numbing cream application, it was just a 5 minutes job for the tattoo artist as my tattoo was very simple.
  • He drew an outline of California State on the inside of my ring finger and wrapped it thoroughly to avoid it from the contact of dust and other viruses.
  • Then he provided me with after-care cream to be applied on to the affected area for a healthy tattoo.
  • My tattoo artist suggested me with all the tips to be followed after going home for next 7 days.

I followed all the tips of my tattoo artist which resulted in a shiny, beautiful tattoo. I am happy I took a very wise decision to get this tattoo which is not any other accessory; else it’s an asset which will live with me forever and will keep on motivating me.