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Love Never Dies, It Remain Alive in Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jan 25th

Love Never Dies, It Remain Alive in Tattoos

Where there is love, there is life and Love has no boundaries. It can be expressed in many ways. Everyone do their best to express their love for their beloved. But getting a tattoo for beloved is one of the hottest trends to express love. Tattoos are carrier of emotions which gets mixed with ink and hence remain on your skin forever as part of your body.

People die and no one can stop the cycle of life but they can live with you forever in form of tattoos. Moreover technologies like soundwave tattoos and DNA tattoos allow you to keep their memories intact with you forever and ever.

You might get influenced from tattoos of celebrities but this story of father and his love for his daughter can leave you in tears, a story that can be an inspiration for you.

A Human may or may not grow but Love always grows

10 years passed like a breeze and we never witnessed the happiness and charm of a baby in our house. The continuous prayers and medical treatment gifted us with a baby girl after 10 years of our marriage. Our home got filled with happiness and love. A room full of toys and pink bed sheets get adorned when our baby girl entered the room. She became the purpose of our life. She resides in our each and every heartbeat.

Still remember the day when I was sitting on a couch, sipping a cup of coffee. She just stood on her feet for the first time and moved towards me with a smile. Moments like this are captured by camera of heart and not that of smart phones. As the time passed, so does our love for her grew.

It was like a shadow of an angel when I saw her dressed in white on her first birthday. It felt like an angel just landed in my home to bless us. My stress of work used to be relieved by the shower of her love. Everything good happened since she came to our house.

It was her first day at school and she was excited and nervous at same time. We went to drop her to the school and I went back to the memories of my childhood. I kissed her forehead and wished god that when she leaves the school; she turns out to be a good human being. We taught her all the good lessons at home and found her evolving as a good human being.

At an age of 5 we were surprised to see the act of her kindness when in a blistery night she removed her jacket and gave it to someone in need. The incident left us in tears and made us proud to be parents of such an adorable daughter.

Her kindness kept on increasing with age and she was 12 when she started to work for an NGO to bring happiness on the faces of poor people. She always used to say, I just need a roof , a piece of cloth and some food to survive and rest everything I like to gift to someone in need.

She passed the high school with flying colors and took an admission in a college to pursue a degree in social services.

Her dream was just about 1 month away when she rushed for an event for her NGO and unfortunately met with a major accident. She was unable to live for more than 3 days after the accident. I still remember her last words: “Love you Dad but please love the world, the way loved me.”

She never left us, we never cried for the loss because she was my heartbeat, she was in my veins and I will cherish every moment till my heart beats. We lost her but the example she left for the world proved that she is no less than an angel.

I wanted to express my feelings for her in some form, the form which will be with me till I live on this earth. I decided to get myself inked for the first time at an age of 55. It was a tough decision but a love for a daughter can make you do anything you imagine.

I started my research on tattoo. I was sure in my mind about the design. I wanted an angel to be inked on my skin in such a way that she is leaving some example for world. I found the best tattoo artist near me and we finalized the design. As my skin was ageing, he gave me few tips to follow before the appointment.

It was the day of appointment and my daughter will live on my skin forever. Artist started with his procedure and applied a numbing cream; Dr.Numb® on my skin prior to the inking process so that my skin gets numb and tattooing process becomes relatively less painful. It took around one hour and that day I was in tears when I found my daughter on my skin. It is the best tribute to her from my side.

Person dies but Love never dies.

This story of a father is really touching and this love of a father might become a stepping stone for others to express their love. Get a tattoo with feelings of strong love and your regret probability will be negligible.