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Let’s Treat Adult Acne Effectively!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 4th

Let’s Treat Adult Acne Effectively!

Seen yourself in the mirror and disappointed with the pimple on your face? Whole day you might have spent thinking on how to get rid of this irritating pimple. Before going to bed, you might have adopted the easiest way to eliminate the pimple- ‘Squeezing pimple’.

According to you it was a magical treatment for your acne. But when you woke up after few days of your magical treatment, you witness more number of acnes oozing out of your skin like zombies. The reason behind this is the infection caused by squeezing the pimple. Squeezing or picking at pimples is a great way to get your acne to spread.

Adult Acne is an irritating problem that requires prior attention. As per, adult acne affects 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women at some time in their adult lives. 33% of adults affected with facial acne also have acne on their back and body.

Follow the treatment which will stop the production of acne permanently.

  • Control diet against the acne fight

Do you think the correlation between diet and acne is a myth? No, it’s not a myth and is being backed by many researches. According to a study by Australian researchers in 2007, people who follow a low glycemic index (GI) diet ( one which is low in carbohydrates) had a 22% decrease in acne lesions. Your mom might used to tell you to avoid chocolates when you had acne. She was right, as always.

Oily foods and dairy products always make acne worse. So eating a balanced diet becomes vital in case you are suffering from adult acne.

  • Chemical Peel for your good feel

Chemical peels works on principle of breaking down the glue between surface skin cells to unclog the plugged pores. Dermatologist performs the treatment by applying a chemical peel on your face which gets neutralized after sometime. The chemical used in the peel removes thin layer of your skin, exposing the fresh, new skin below it.

Salicylic and glycolic acids have anti-inflammatory properties, accelerate exfoliation and penetrate the oil glands to break down the sebum. Owing to this characteristic, they become the most effective chemical peel agents.

  • Go for Topical Medicine

Sometimes changing your lifestyle doesn’t give you relief from the acne. Before giving any oral drugs, doctors go for topical medication. They come in wide range of variety in form of cream, lotion, face wash or antibiotics.

Stronger cases may call for the topical treatment called as Retinoid. This treatment helps to chop away the dead cells of the skin faster paving way for clearer pores. Retinoids also have anti-wrinkle properties, so this treatment is best suited for adult acne sufferers.

  • Switch to Accutane for effective gain

Accutane is the most common retinoid available for the cure of cystic, severe acne. The other term used for accutane is isotretinoin. It is available in the form of tablet which is rich of Vitamin A. It directly hits the oil glands of the skin, restricting the amount of oil production. The treatment renews the skin very effectively and quickly.

The story of Kali Kushner flooded the social media when she shared her story of treatment of her more than severe acne on instagram. She documented her struggle and transformation. Kudos to treatment of Accutane.

  • Microdermabrasion to treat acne effectively

Microdermabrasion is one of the laser treatments to deal with acne. It works on the same principle as that of chemical peeling. The only major difference is that doctor uses and instrument in this treatment instead of chemicals. Instrument, with help of tiny crystals exfoliate the skin.

Apart from treating acne, Microdermabrasion also has great ability to get rid of acne marks and age spots.

  • Tea Tree Oil

Cheers to the anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of tea tree oil that it helps to reduce acne. The oil comes from the leaves of the tree which has antiseptic characteristics helping to quell the inflammation in skin cells and reducing acne causing bacteria.

Tea tree oil comes in variety of forms like soaps, skin washes, and topical solutions. The percentage of tea tree oil to be used is directly proportional to the severity of acne. More severe acne demands solution with more percentage of tea tree oil than the one with mild acne.

Acne is a very common disease and 80% of people face the acne outbreak between the age of 11 and 30, says national institute of arthritis and musculoskeletal and skin diseases. They can occur because of many factors which include food, dirt, stress, heredity, drugs, pressure and cosmetics.

So if your acne is also stubborn and you want some effective, quick treatment for it, go ahead with the tips listed in the article.