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Let’s Check Out The Piercing Trends For 2017

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 27th

Let’s Check Out The Piercing Trends For 2017

Ready to do something new with your look? How about trying something in piercing? There are many old piercing trends that we thought are dead and now they are back in vogue.

The specialty of piercing is not really another wonder. It's a trend that has been going all through mold for centuries.

Let’s check out the piercing trends that are going to rock in 2017;

Multi-ear Piercing: Multiple ear piercings is the new status symbol for the fashion statement. Multiple piercing opens up a radical new set of choices for those of us just acquainted with customary lobe piercing. Most of the celebrities are picking this different ear piercing to design their ears with evermore mind boggling piercing designs.

Lip Piercing: Lip piercings go back to ancient civilizations, with specific assortments credited to early tribal societies in Africa. There's also a type of piercing, known as a "Monroe piercing," placed twisted in the skin above or below the lips. Lip rings is a great decision for anybody inspired by experimenting with a facial piercing without committing, because it's easy to fake with a lip sleeve or even with makeup.

Daith Piercing: We are even observing an expansion in the quantities of individuals getting daith piercing. The daith is the deepest overlay of ligament in your ear, simply over the ear trench. Not exclusively is this an adorable piercing in its own right, it could have healed impacts. Working much like needle therapy, the daith piercing is said to be situated on a pressure point that can calm headaches and migraines.

Septum Piercing: Here is the most up-to-date piercing trend that you will completely cherish, and complete it. The one who wants to showcase their independence and free spirit to the world will definitely love this, and go for it. The best thing about a septum piercing is the way that it's not permanent, and doesn't leave much of a follow if you choose to take the ring out for good. 

Smiley Piercing: The smiley piercing is the next big thing every person with a beautiful smile would love to go for. It's along within your mouth—within your top lip, where there's a little web. It's been around forever, however, we've been doing no less than a few of those a day lately. When you smile, it crosses your two front teeth, and it seems awesome.

NOTE: Although these types of piercing are quite painful, but to avoid the pain, one can numb the area with the help of numbing cream, Dr.Numb®, before you go for piercing process.