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Common Anesthetic Solutions for a Laser Tattoo Removal

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 4th

Common Anesthetic Solutions for a Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal helps you get rid of unwanted tattoos. As it uses intense heat beams to break down ink pigments, you experience pain and discomfort. This is why medical practitioners recommend you to use numbing creams and other anaesthetic solutions to lessen your pain. Here we have explained each anaesthetic method for a laser tattoo removal

Over the years, many people are switched to laser treatment to get rid of the tattoos quickly. While traditional tattoo removal methods take time and are not sure to provide results, laser process guarantees the compete removal up to 4-5 sittings.

However, laser process may be painful due to the use of strong and intense heat laser beams to break up the ink particles. On the top of that, you have to undergo multiple sittings depending upon the size and ink strength of your tattoo.

Therefore, a professional recommend you to use anaesthetic solutions including numbing cream, ice packs, lidocaine injections and cool air machine. Here we have explained each anaesthetic method for a laser tattoo removal:

Ice Packs:

Ice packs are the easily available option for skin numbing. Up to 10 minutes of compression is enough to make your skin numb for the laser tattoo removal. However, they have light efficiency and should be used only when other numbing options are not available. Besides, they can be used before and after the treatment. They make an inexpensive and convenient option for clinics.

Numbing Creams:

Topical numbing cream is the widely used numbing solutions for the tattoos, piercing and minor surgeries. It is useful to ease the pain and discomfort occurring during the laser treatment. A numbing cream contains lidocaine, an active numbing agent, to dull the nerve endings so that they can’t pass the pain signal to the brain. Numbing creams are easily available at the drug store or you can buy them online. They are available in varied strength.

Use Dr.Numb® numbing cream on the tattooed part 45 minutes before the treatment. Wrap the area with plastic cover so that it can generate enough heat to potent the effect.

Lidocaine Injections:

As you know that lidocaine is the main numbing agent to be used in numbing creams, it is also used in vaccinations. A lidocaine injection can be efficient than numbing creams, however, large tattoos require more shots. You like to apply numbing cream if you fear needles. Besides, lidocaine injections are compatible for plastic surgery and should be used only by medical professionals.

Cold Air Machines:

Cold air machines can be seen at high end and expensive tattoo removal clinics. They are used to keep the skin numb throughout the process. How it works? The machine blows out the cold air on the skin for few minutes to keep the skin numb.

These are the common numbing solution for a laser tattoo removal. However, you must choose the right one which can complement your specific process. It is better if you consult your professional first.