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What You Should Know About Permanent Make Up?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Mar 20th

What You Should Know About Permanent Make Up?

Permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation technique to draw facial features resembling the look of just applied makeup, such as eye lining, lips and eyelids. It is the suitable cosmetic technique for those having less or no facial features due to age or medical condition.

Permanent makeup is done by a needle to spread pigmented granules under the top layers of the skin, hence the name cosmetic tattooing. If you are going for a permanent makeup, here are the essential things you must know about to avoid risks and inconvenience.

It is Identical to Tattoo Process:

In permanent makeup, iron oxides are embedded into the skin with a needle. It is similar to tattooing where ink is used in the same way. But that doesn’t mean you get your permanent makeup done by any tattoo artist. Instead, choose a certified micropigmentation professional for permanent makeup.

It Leads to Allergy and Infection:

Permanent makeup is not free from several concerns like allergy and infection. This is because of the ink and dyes used in the process. To avoid such unwanted reactions, you must choose the professional carefully who use sterilized tools and follow the precautions.

Permanent Make Up is Not Permanent:

Ironically, permanent makeup is not permanent. Over the time, it starts fading, and requires touch ups to stay vibrant. Although, pigments used to line your eyes can stay longer than the other parts of the face.

To keep it for a longer time, you can use these steps:

  • Apply sunscreen of SPF 45 before stepping out in the sun.
  • Avoid exfoliation over the permanent makeup areas
  • Apply Vaseline over your makeup area before swimming or coming into water contact.

Clear Doubts before the Session

Before booking appointment, ask your practitioner everything you want to know about permanent makeup. A practitioner can provide you information about the entire process while sharing risks and ways to avoid them. You can also know how permanent makeup will look on you if he has some specialized imaging software.

It Can Hurt You:

Since permanent makeup is done with needle, it is painful and can lead to swelling and soreness, though eyeliner makes you less hurt. But fret not! Redness and swelling go away within few hours of the process. However, avoid anything using on the skin to avoid damages and irritation. Always use the lotion or medication prescribed by your practitioner.

Keep Yourself Hydrated:

Permanent makeup leaves your body dehydrated, which is normal part of the healing process. Therefore, you need to increase the quantity of fluid after going through the procedure. Besides drinking 10-12 glasses of water in a day, make sure to add fresh fruit, and vegetable juices to your diet.

Permanent Makeup Can Go Wrong:

Permanent makeup requires an artist to perform in a right manner. Besides, an artist must know about his client’s medical and skin conditions before the treatment. This is because a person’s skin is compatible to the dyes, resulting in the scarring and altering of the facial features.