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What to Know Before Body Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 26th

What to Know Before Body Piercing?

Body piercings have been popular for many reasons. But often there is a lot of confusion among the newbie what to do and what not to. Here is a list of things to consider before you get into piercing.

Body Piercing :

Piercing is one of the famous and ancient form of body modification. It has been practiced almost in all the cultures and has been loved at some time. Yes, it is popular even today and is extremely widespread all across the globe. When it comes to the first place where piercing trend was found to be popular, ancient Egypt is recorded to have pierced mummified body found. Do you know that the ear piercing is said to be done more for than 5000 years by now?

While surfing across internet you will get valuable resources in determining which parlor will be right for you, what type to choose, and lots more. There is something essential you might often skip. Below are listed some guidelines to get a proper piercing job done:

Ensure that the surroundings are clean and hygienic. All sort of equipments and tools being used needs to be up-to-date. You can always check for the staff; if they are willing to answer all your questions knowledgeably and courteously, you have made a right choice.

The tools you are using should be sterilized in an autoclave. In fact, spore testing can be carried out monthly, at least. You can also keep an eye on the piercing area; it should be sterile enough and needs to be spotlessly clean following every piercing.

Do make sure that the parlor you choose is licensed by the Board of Health as a piercing studio. You can ask for their credentials, and also check whether these are up-to-date or not. The members of professional piercing in the organization should also be certified.

The artist you choose should wear sterile disposable gloves throughout the entire procedure. You can always ask the piercer to don new gloves in case you are doubtful.

Once you are done with the piercing, make sure the jewelry you select to wear is made from non-corrosive metal. You can change it later; but for your initial piercing, stainless steel is usually a good choice.

Before you dwell into this form of body art, you need to know about the right after-care procedures. Also ensure that you have been given the right and efficient material to take home with you. You can read the guideline beforehand and follow them in later process.

While there is no appropriate age defined for piercing, still make sure you are young enough to understand that it causes pain. However, in these days, pain is not a barrier. If pain appears to be a barrier, you can trust Dr.Numb® for this purpose. It is one of the best topical anesthetic creams available.

For youngsters below 18, you need to have a parent or guardian with you.

So, in all body piercing, in most cases, turns out to be safe and worry-free. Just make sure that you don't gamble with your appearance and of course, with your health.