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Kids, Youth, And Tattoos

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 7th

Kids, Youth, And Tattoos

When it comes to a tattoo, it is one such fashion whose color has never seen a sign of fading. Instead, it is getting more popular with passing time. Especially, tattoos have turn out to be more popular over the past few decades. It has successfully emerged as a platform for the feelings of people. This is the reason that 1 out of every 5 adults has at least one tattoo and 21 percent of the total population has got their body inked for one or the other reason.

The catch here is that tattoo is not only famous amongst the youth. It is equally popular amongst kids, no matter what their age is or how much the tattooing process hurts. If we talk about the age group of 18 to 29, close to 40% have at least one tattoo on their skin. However, if we consider people with below the age of 18, the tattoo is equally famous amongst them too.

It is advisable that people below the age of 18 should not get a tattoo on their skin. Still, their urge to get a tattoo as soon as possible pushes them to get their skin inked with a tattoo.

The article shares the story of young lad Mathew who recently got his second tattoo. His story may inspire you, teach you or warn you if you are interested in getting a tattoo soon.

Two different stories of two different tattoos

I have a father, mother and an elder brother in my family. My brother, who is 7 years elder to me, has a strong influence on my mind. The food he eats, hobbies he pursues, sports he plays always impacted me. I always love to travel on the roadmap set by my brother. I have many friends, but no one of my age. All the friends of my brother are my friends too. It means mostly all my friends are 5-7 years elder to me. Born and brought up with such friends gave birth to similar hobbies. So, when they were 20, I was just 13 but used to think like them.

I still remember the day when my brother (21 at that time) came home with beautiful tattoo design on his arm. It looked perfect and resembled his love for football. That whole night I was just wondering, when will I get a tattoo? The next day, I talked to my mom and asked her whether I can get a tattoo? She refused and told me that if I wish to get a tattoo, I will have to wait to turn 18. Her answer left me disappointed because I will have to wait for another 4 years to get my first tattoo.

Somehow, the urge to get a tattoo on my skin did not vanish. I kept Google busy with all tattoo related queries. More I got deeper in search; more I got interested to get a tattoo.

A year passed and then the second one, but my wish to get a tattoo just increased. I casually discussed with my brother about the location of the tattoo artist. I decided to meet the tattoo artist just to find the answer to my queries and nothing more than that. I went to the tattoo shop and met Jacobs, the tattoo artist. As soon as I stepped into the tattoo salon, my heart started to beat at a faster rate and I asked him to ink my skin with a tattoo design floating in my mind.

He inquired my age and told a lie that I am 18. With little idea of tattoo design in my mind, I asked him to start the inking process. Even he was unclear about the design. He started the process and after 1 hour approximately, I got my first tattoo.

I was nervous and happy at same time. When I went back home, my mother and brother scolded me like anything because of the tattoo. It annoyed me at that moment but soon, within 6 months I started disliking my tattoo design because that design never ever reflected me. It took birth just because of my impatience and immaturity. It was a tattoo, I always regret.

Today, I am 28 and again decided to get a tattoo on my wrist. But there is a topsy-turvy difference between my first tattoo and second tattoo. My second tattoo came out of maturity and directly from my heart. This is the reason I love my second tattoo more than the first tattoo.

Everything comes with time, even tattoos. So, it is always advised to take such big decisions of life with maturity and thorough research. Else, you will end up regretting your tattoo. The tattoo is a permanent asset to your body, so it is a very tough decision to choose a tattoo design that reflects your personality. Choose wisely and enjoy tattooing.