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What to Keep In Mind before Nipple Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 7th

What to Keep In Mind before Nipple Piercing?

Let’s check out the factors you must keep in mind while going for a nipple piercing.

Nipple piercing is not a new or futuristic form of piercing. It is nearly 600 years old piercing style. It was thought to be fashionable among women during Victorian age. Many celebrities like Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Rihana, Erin Wassaon and Christina Aguilera have got nipple piercing. Many women got nipple piercing just to increase nipple sensitivity or size.

Whatever your reason to get the piercing, be careful as it comes with pain and infection. There are many things you should consider before getting nipple piercing.

Choose a Good Artist:

Nipple piercing is more serious matter than piercing your ear or nose. This is why get it done from an experienced piercing artist. To find him or her, do some research or ask for reference from your friends.

Visit the Studio a Day Before Your Appointment:

Once you choose your piercing artist, make sure to visit the studio to see the practices and hygiene standards over there. The area should be clean, safe and professional looking. Take a note of piercing equipment like tattoo machine and sterilizing equipment. Do they look rusty or old? See if a tattoo artist is using the same needle on many clients or dipping it into ink directly. Does he wash his hand and wear gloves?

Analyze the Pros and Cons of Nipple Piercing:

Think about how nipple piercing will affect your life and relationship. According to some experts, nipple piercing can help your nipples stimulate and enlarge. However, nipple piercings are prone to pain, infection, snuggling with the clothes. Besides, slow healing rate is always a concern. Your partner may not like them during intimate moments.

Type of Jewelry Does Matter:

Steel ring and steel barbell are in rage for nipple piercing. However, you should choose barbells if you are into contact sports like rugby or soccer, to avoid excessive ripped while colliding with others. Don’t wear nickel or artificial jewelry as it can cause allergy or other complication.

Use Numbing Cream to Ease Your Pain:

Use numbing cream an hour before the piercing to reduce your pain.

Aftercare is Essential:

Follow the precautions after getting your nipple pierced. Here are some steps for that:

  • Keep the spot clean to prevent the infection. Use a damped cotton ball to remove the debris or blood surrounded on it.
  • Dress carefully to avoid the snagging of your piercing jewelry.
  • Wear sports bras at night to protect your nipple piercing
  • Avoid hot tub bath and swimming in the pools.
  • Avoid using soap, alcohol or harsh cleansers to clean the area.
  • Don’t touch your nipple piercing often and don’t let the others to do that.