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Keep Calm And Follow the Tattoo Shop Etiquettes!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Feb 20th

Keep Calm And Follow the Tattoo Shop Etiquettes!

Tattoo etiquettes may sound odd but they are as essential as your tattoo aftercare if you’re expecting a brilliant work from your artist.

By tattoo shop etiquette, we mean that your behavior, conversation, habits and activities in the studio. A tattoo shop artist comes across several clients of various moods, temperament and cities. Some of them may be short tempered; some of them may be dominating; and some of them may be talkative. All of them want to have a good tattoo. Right?

But it is equally true that your tattoo artist wants you to be cooperative and maintain decorum at the shop. He doesn’t want to see pets, mischievous kids, someone touching the things out of curiosity. Remember, your tattoo artist needs full concentration while tattooing, anddisturbanceseither make the process longer or spoil the art. Tattoo artists may face difficulty created by client on any given day, making him to be cynical and sarcastic to deal with that, which in turn affects their work and client handling.

So, you must cooperate with your artist by bringing in little etiquette.

Listen to your artist’s advice. If you have any doubt, ask him politely, rather than leaving the shop. Respect his opinion and thought as he is professional

If you have any specific design in your mind, share it with your artist. Don’t make argument if he says that the design is impossible to make due to the factors like skin area, skin sensitivity and ink. However, you can politely ask for that, but that shouldn’t sound you’re arguing with him over that.

Leave your temper and attitude outside the shop. If you rebuke him or get upset frequently during process, your tattoo artist may not deliver best shot.

You can tip your tattoo artist on making wonderful tattoo. Generally, 10% is a minimum, 15-20% is normal and anything more is a heavy tipping. If you give them tip, you will get extra care and love from them.

Never visit the tattoo shop if you are highly intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. Alcohol not only makes your tattoo painful, but also affects your behavior. An artist won’t like to deal with drunks. If your breath smells of alcohol you’re not going to get a tattoo. Come sober and respect your artist.

Many customers ask for one thing to be made after another without ever getting anything, thereby wasting artist’s time. You shouldn’t be one of those annoying customers. Your tattoo artist will draw your favorite design and changing and re-drawing it until it’s just the way you want it.

Keep your skin clean before having a tattoo. It is difficult for a tattoo artist to work with someone who is stinking and have surface of debris over his skin. Take your bath and keep the skin area clean where you want to have a tattoo.

Tell your artist if you’re feeling uncomfortable, queasy and nausea. Your artist is prepared for it and knows how to deal with that. Clear your doubts and don’t create a scene.

Use numbing cream one hour before your tattooing session. As you won’t like to cry while needle is going through your skin.

Tell your artist if you have any medical concerns like pregnancy, diseases, medication.

Don’t bring crowd in. You may like to have 3-4 friends around who cheer you during the process. But that will disturb the work of your tattoo artist. Well, you can bring one friend but they should maintain the decorum.

Don’t bring the children with you. Kids can catch infection or risk the tools with their mischiefs. Remember, it’s not a day care center or playground. So, it would be better if you leave them with sitter.

Don’t stick with bargaining if your tattoo artist can’t go lower anymore. It is simply the waste of time for both of you. If rates are reasonable, you don’t adamant on the rock bottom prices. Good Tattoos Aren’t Cheap And Cheap Tattoos Aren’t Good! Therefore, if you want professional and fantastic tattoo, ready to pay the price accordingly.

These are the etiquettes you must follow while having tattoo. You will earn respect and a good tattoo as well from your artist.