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Is Laser Hair Removal A Safe And Effective Process?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 4th

Is Laser Hair Removal A Safe And Effective Process?

Hair removal has not to be a fuzzy affair anymore. You can get rid of the unwanted hair using laser process. But before you make a booking to a laser clinic, here are some ins and outs you must be aware of.

Troubled with coarse, unwanted hair? Waxing and shaving have left you with dark skin patches?

It can be really uncomfortable and embarrassing to walk out with the same. To all such problems, the solution is with laser technology. It is widely known to get rid of unwanted body hair in a more effective and faster way.

Do you know around 1 million laser hair removal treatments were performed in 2011? So the method is gaining popularity all over the world. Now you must be thinking,

What makes laser hair removal work?

Actually, a laser process makes use of an intense beam of light which is targets melanin, a dark pigment found in hair and skin. As this pigment is prevalent in the hair follicle around the root of the hair, a laser beam will hit the same with greater intensity. When the melanin absorbs the light, it tends to produce heat energy which further damages the hair follicle. This will lead hair to fall out within 1 - 2 weeks. Moreover, the re-growth of hair is retarded subsequently.

Here you need to understand that every each laser work differently. It is due to the varying spectrum of the light being used. So the results produced by different lasers are versatile. As the light is targeted to hit the root of your hair, it has nothing to do with the skin.

Is laser hair removal safe?

This is the first question to come across your mind when you think about laser procedure. And the answer is yes, laser hair removal is a safe process.

As stated above, this method uses a laser which works on an intense beam of light. You really need not worry of lasers as such. In fact, you will find them all around you. Laser devices have been making your everyday life as easy as possible. For instance, whenever you go to the grocery store, there is a laser which scans your groceries at the billing time. There are many toys which operate due to laser light present inside.

You don’t have to think much. Moreover, laser hair removal has been approved by the FDA in 1997. While there has been conducted a great research on laser hair removal safety, still there are no major evidence found to show negative results. In more than twenty years of widespread treatment and multiple studies on laser hair removal safety, there have been incredibly low complication rates for this permanent hair removal technique.

How laser and IPL are connected?

Are you confused among the two, IPL and lasers? While both are similar in the way that they use light rays to target melanin, however, the technology employed is slightly different.

  • Lasers: This uses a monochromatic beam. Simply putting, it works on a single wavelength which is specifically targeted to a certain depth. It will vary as per the hair color, skin tone, texture etc.
  • IPL: This one employs polychromatic (full spectrum) light rays. It will be filtered to allow various wavelengths, between 500 - 1,200 nms.

So IPL tends to be the newest and most effective method. It can be used to target specific areas with its spectrum of light. Using hundreds or even thousands of colors at the same time, IPL can reach am an individual type of skin component, blood vessel, or hair, without causing any harming to the surrounding tissue.

Is laser hair removal painful?

The honest answer to this question will be – YES. It can be painful, especially for people with low level of threshold. Reason being, the laser hits the root of your hair and produces a tingling sensation. Collectively, it will be leading to a discomfort. But you don’t need to worry about it. Application of a numbing cream can solve your problem.

You can trust Dr.Numb® for this purpose. Being an FDA approved product, this numbing solution comes with 5% lidocaine. When you apply it to your skin it produces numbness which lasts for three to four hours. So you can easily undergo the process without any fear.

A Word of Caution

The laser works amazingly for those who want to get rid of unwanted hair. But you need to be very careful while choosing a laser clinic. Remember the rule of thumb for this is to stay clear of any particularly cheap offers.

An effective laser treatment can cost you a little more. But those inexpensive and low quality deals with the end you with severe side effects. Hence, before you make a booking look for an experienced laser practitioner and a reputed laser clinic. Do check for their certification and licenses. Never hesitate of asking about the process and aftercare instructions.

All the best!