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Instructions For Dermal Lip Fillers That One Must Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Oct 9th

Instructions For Dermal Lip Fillers That One Must Know!

The most commonly used methods for fighting wrinkles is - Dermal fillers. The fillers are injected into the patient's skin to plump up the wrinkled skin, which in turn reduces the wrinkle.

But now, individuals without any wrinkles are even using dermal fillers to enhance their body parts. They are using it as lip fillers to make their lips curvaceous and large like a part of the style symbol on the planet.

Let’s have a quick overview on Derma fillers

Derma fillers can be used to plump lips, or to cut scars. The individuals who got scars from chicken pox or skin inflammation, will find that this treatment can smooth their skin, enhance their skin appearance and can increase their confidence level to stand among others..

Any individual who has a dimpled skin appearance that needs to hide the dimples and finds that their daily foundation isn't working, will find this treatment working wonders for them. Derma fillers fill the holes and leaves them with an excellent and smooth skin surface that they can be pleased with.

Are you satisfied with the shape of your lips? Well, if you are not happy with the shape of your lip and need to have the pouty lips like those of Angelina Jolie, then you can begin by consulting with a professional plastic specialist to inject dermal lip fillers.

Don’t try yourself, allow any expert

Don’t ever try to do-it-yourself, and allow an expert to perform the procedure. This is important because by performing the procedure on your own can make you suffer something serious. Injecting fillers wrongly can make you bleed, and cause negative cosmetic results.

So, here are the three instructions you need to follow in order to make your lips plumper and stunning, with help of fillers.

  1. First of all, book an appointment with a professional plastic surgeon to get a full information related to the procedure. You can inquire your friends and family members who have gone through this process, as ‘word of mouth’ matters a lot. Make sure to research about the different decisions for dermal lip fillers that are used as a part of this cosmetic treatment. It can be fat transfers or human-based collagen.
  2. After you have chosen which lip filler to go for, discuss with your doctor or plastic specialist in regards to how many sessions you will need to get those shaped lips you have wished for. It is a common practice to overfill the lips at the outset as around 40% collagen or fat will scatter after the treatment. As the number of sessions increases, so will be the percentage of fat or collagen maintenance on the lips.
  3. The last step to get dermal lip fillers for your lips is the real procedure. On your appointment, arrive clinic on time and the lip filler will be injected by the expert to your lips. This procedure may take around an hour and you should rest no less than a couple of days after the method. The healing time differs as per the person's reaction to the procedure; some may have sore lips while others puffy lips or both.

Thus, make sure that when you undergo this procedure, ask your professional to apply a topical numbing cream, Dr.Numb®, to make your dermal fillers effective on the lips.