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Any Ideas on Removal of Plantar Warts? Does Using A Numbing Cream Work?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Dec 8th

Any Ideas on Removal of Plantar Warts? Does Using A Numbing Cream Work?

Removing plantar warts is quite a simple process if you have the right numbing cream. And if you can get one that has Lidocaine as a major ingredient, you can expect quick results in less time.

lthough plantar warts are not extremely hazardous, they can be itching and highly annoying. Many people try to treat this skin condition with help of a variety of home medical remedies. It can be a good idea during initial stages, but it’s crucial to go for a proper medical procedure in case if warts are multiplying fast and getting worse!

Most medical procedures used for wart removal are painful, including laser and surgery. These treatments become even more painful on sensitive body parts, particularly the genitals. Good thing is that some good topical numbing creams are there to minimize pain during wart removal. Dr. Numb® is the best example.

Does Using a Numbing Cream Work during Wart Removal?

While aggressive technology can hurt during wart removal, a pure, powerful topical anesthetic can never fail to ease the pain!

Dr. Numb® is a proven and effective numbing cream that contains Lidocaine as its main ingredient. It is normally applied about an hour prior the treatment on the area that is to be treated. When Lidocaine has begun to show effects, you’ll feel little or no pain during wart removal, despite that the skin will need to be removed from the affected area.

What is the Working Mechanism of Dr. Numb®?

Dr. Numb® delivers results after a few minutes of use with help of Lidocaine. So, when it’s in action, you need not worry about the pain.

Actually, Lidocaine numbs the entire skin area where the cream is applied by blocking the nerve endings. Since the only channel through which pain signals reach the brain is temporarily inert, the brains feels no pain at all.