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Scream No More! 8 Ideas to Feel Less Pain in Bikini Waxing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 May 23rd

Scream No More! 8 Ideas to Feel Less Pain in Bikini Waxing

Minimize the pain during your bikini waxing by using these tested ideas.

There are lots of desired things in the world which come with a pain, and bikini waxing is one of them. For getting that soft, beautiful and swimsuit ready skin, you accept to take that hot wax layering on your sensitive area so that your hairs are ripped off. The hell like pain makes you scream! But you can ease that pain with the following tricks

Avoid it During Your Periods:

Getting waxed few days before your period or during your period can be painful. Your skin is super sensitive five days before and throughout your periods. So, you must make your appointment only after your period is over. It is found that a woman can bear more pain after her period.

Do Stretching Exercises:

With the flexible skin, you can keep the things easy for you at your waxing session. Besides, a well stretched skin also makes the whole process go quicker which making the pain tolerable. Do yoga or the stretching workouts like The Runner’s Stretch, Standing Side Stretch, Forward Hang, and Low Lunge Arch days before.

Exfoliate a Night Before Your Appointment:

Exfoliation peels off the dead skin layers and exposes the hidden hair beneath. In this way it takes the hairs to the skin area which can be easily pulled out on the first attempt. Take warm shower and clean the areas with a mild soap. Stay in the water for few minutes for opening up the pores. 

Now use a pea sized exfoliating cream to a body brush. Scrub gently your bikini area but avoid exfoliation of the inner labia. Wash it off with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel. Avoid applying the body lotion.

Don’t Have a Cup of Coffee:

Resist your temptation for a cup of coffee as its stimulants will make your skin too sensitive to bear a pain. Therefore, cut the coffee before or during your waxing session is an aid to your tolerance. Instead, drink 8 to 10 glasses of water before your appointment as it keeps your skin hydrated.

Take Painkillers Few Minutes Before:

Taking OTC painkilling drugs like ibuprofen, Advil, Tylenol and acetaminophen minimizes your pain. Just take the pain medications hour before the waxing session. It not only keeps your pain in control but ease the symptoms of the swelling later on.

Don’t Wear Tights:

Avoid wearing skinny jeans and legging to experience a less pain during waxing. Choose loose and comfortable garments and cotton underwear to let your skin breathe and for feeling better. And icing over the cake is that you don’t feel irritation at all.

Cough, Breathe and Relax:

It’s obvious to be caught by the fear when the wax strip is about to rip off. A hurting before your actual hurt! All you need to just turn your head and cough as hard as you can. Not only it distracts you from that “sight” but make your body stress free. You can also take deep breathe to release the tension from your body.

Post Waxing Care:

Things can turn worse for you if you don’t have a good post waxing strategy. So, it’s better to keep some “AVOIDS” in your mind

  • Avoid direct sun exposure at least 24 hours after the waxing
  • Avoid swimming in a chlorinated pool for a one day
  • Avoid tight and fitted clothes