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What I Should Know Before Getting My Body Pierced?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 21st

What I Should Know Before Getting My Body Pierced?

To make your piercing good and easy, you must keep these steps in mind before your body piercing.

Body piercing is excited and adds to your style. Whether its ear piercing or belly button piercing, it has been extremely popular among both men and women for generations. But since piercing means puncture your skin for a hole, you must keep the things right before your piercing, from choosing artist to the equipment. And you must be even attentive if it’s your very first time. So, here the things you must consider before getting body piercing.

Check Your State’s Laws to Know if You are Legitimate for Piercing

In many US states, you must have parent consent in writing before having piercing or you must be at least 18 years old before doing so. Piercing artist may not accept consenting letters or notes, requiring you to provide appropriate identification regarding legal age. Please check your state’s regulations to know if you are legitimate to have piercing.

Choose the Location That’s Right for You

Don’t do ear piercing at home if you are not comfortable with it. Choosing professional is the right decision for getting your ear piercing done correctly. So, days before your piercing, you must find the right piercing artist by checking online, talking with your friends and reading reviews. Choosing a right piercing artist means it’s half done.

Consider Right Piercing Equipment:

Always put safety and sterility first when it comes to piercing. After picking your artist, visit his shop and observe the piercing procedures going on there. Check if they practice property hygiene and use appropriate equipment.

On the other hand, if you are going to have ear piercing at home, you must get ready all equipment beforehand which include sterling needles, cotton balls, antibacterial soap, and jewelry.

Healing May Vary from Person to Person

You must know that piecing of every part of the body has its own healing process and time frame as well. For instance, tongue piercing is healed quicker than the ear piercing. The depth, length and type of piercing are the important things when it comes to piercing. Above all, your body’s responding to the healing will be different from those of your friend. This is because each person’s immune system reacts differently to the piercing, affecting the length of healing.

Not Every Jewelry is Good for Your Piercing:

For your healing, selection of the jewelry does matter. Therefore, you must wear the jewelry of good quality and the size. Remember, fresh piercing swell and wound with drain, and the jewelry metal can react with it. The best jewelry metals for fresh piercing are surgical steel, tygon, niobium and gold. Stay away from the cheap metal types like sterling silver and costume jewelry.

Apart from the metal type, make sure the jewelry has adequate diameter and length to avoid the trapping of drainage. Plus, the jewelry should be lightweight to avoid the stress.

Use Numbing Cream:

As piercing punctures your skin and makes you feel pain, you must apply Dr.Numb® numbing cream an hour prior piercing.