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How Your Dermatologist Can Help You Look Younger?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 17th

How Your Dermatologist Can Help You Look Younger?

You will easily find a number of products and treatments in the market to whiten and lighten your skin. But are you familiar with the most effective methods, which are possible only with the help of dermatologists? If not, then you should certainly consider and know effective these treatments are. And, they hold a good safety record.

Signs of aging, increasing skin problems and much more bother every woman. If you are also among those who have entered the competition to fight back aging signs, then you must be aware that there is no quick fix or easy natural solution. However, thanks to technology and medical science. The dermatologist can really simplify the work for you. Nowadays there are a number of treatments which can remove the scars, spots, patches in less time. There procedures are done in the dermatologist's lab with help of different instruments which exfoliate the skin deeply and treat the problem from roots.

Find out some amazing treatments here:

Serious Firming: Most of the women are tired of their droopy skin. Luckily the availability of treatments such as ‘Thermage’, firms up loose and sagging areas easily. Basically, it works by penetrating sound waves deep into your skin, which further causes microscopic fissures to stimulate collagen production. It works well on face, knees, jowls, neck, and several other parts. It has worked well for many people and people are satisfied with the tauter skin within six months. But, for those who have issues with the pain thresholds, might land somewhere in problem.

Just A Ten Minute Nose Job: Another common sign of aging is the flattening and widening of the nose on your face. Even the experts believe that one of the fastest and easiest ways to look more youthful is to reshape the nose. You can ask the dermatologist for hyaluronic acid filler. When injected right into the dorsum, it easily shapes up your nose and rectifies the bumps and imperfections. Professionals have also experimented adding a tiny dose of Botox under the tip, and yes, this proved to be more amazing, giving the patient a younger appearance. And, the best thing is, it takes just 10 minutes!

Work on the neck muscles: Is your neck appearing a bit enlarged? With the growing age, thick and tight cords start appearing. The reason being, the superficial muscles of the face are connected to the muscles in the neck, which means your neck pull down your face. However, the fix is quite easy. You can relax the neck muscles with Botox. The simple treatment gets rid of the cords and lifts your face.

Remove The Spider Veins: The famous method to eliminate the spider veins and the leaky blood vessels is sclerotherapy. The procedure involves injecting veins to close them, inflame them, and allow the body to absorb drugs such as Asclera and Sotradecol. Being a quick, safe and effective procedure, it is highly opted.

Eliminating The Visible Lines: Are you really worried for those appearing aging lines? Well, no more you need to bother. The new hyaluronic acid filler, which is also approved by the FDA, is most appropriate way to wash away those tiniest and most superficial of lines. It works with clumping up like other fillers and no more you need to inject it deep inside the tissues. It is a perfect method for filling in those fine lines around your lips and even crow’s-feet. Along this, the needle just penetrates the top layer of your skin, it is less painful and less bruising is caused.