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How to Use Numbing Cream for Reducing the Wart Removal Pain?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 3rd

How to Use Numbing Cream for Reducing the Wart Removal Pain?

Wart is skin problem caused by the HPV or Human Papilloma Virus. The wart resembles a cauliflower and feels like a rough or a solid blister. Warts can occur in various parts of the body, even on the genitals. These are highly contagious due to the active HP virus and can be spread from person-to-person through open or altered skin integrity.

Treating Warts

Warts often go away without treatment, especially when children get warts. However, in adults, warts may not disappear as easily as they do in the children. Although most warts are harmless, skin specialists do treat them. One should consult a dermatologist if they cannot get rid of the warts on their own, or if the warts hurt, or you develop multiple warts.
Dermatologists have many cures for treating warts. The treatment to be used depends greatly on the patient’s age and health as well as the type of wart.

A Dermatologist may use one of the following treatments:

Cantharidin: A dermatologist may treat a wart by "painting" it with cantharidin. Cantharidin is a terpene secreted by many species of blister beetles that causes a blister to form under the wart. In a week or so, the dermatologist will excerpt away the dead wart.

Cryotherapy: To treat common warts in adults or grown-up children, cryotherapy (freezing) is the most common cure. It can cause dark spots in people who have dark skin and the treatment is done on the repetitive basis.

Electrosurgery And Curettage: Electrosurgery or burning is also a good treatment for common warts, filiform warts, and foot warts. Curettage involves scraping off the wart with a sharp knife or a spoon-shaped tool. These two methods are often used together. The dermatologist may remove the wart by scraping it off before or after electro-surgery.

Excision: The doctor during this procedure cuts out the wart.

If the warts are hard-to-treat, the dermatologist may use one of the following treatments:

Laser treatment: Laser treatment is an effective option to treat warts that could not be treated by other therapies. Before the laser, the doctors treat the skin with a numbing cream as the therapy is really painful.

Chemical peels: With the appearance of the flat warts, one can also develop many other warts. In such a case, dermatologists often recommend "peeling" methods to treat these warts. During this peeling method, you will be asked to apply a peeling medicine at home every day. Peeling medicines include salicylic acid (stronger than you can buy at the store), tretinoin, and glycolic acid.

Bleomycin: The dermatologist in this process injects an anti-cancer medicine, bleomycin, in each wart. These shots are very painful.

Immunotherapy: This treatment uses the patient’s own immune system to fight the warts. In this type of immunotherapy, the person is given shots of interferon. The shots can boost the body’s immune system, which gives the body the ability to fight the virus itself.

Wart Removal And Dr. Numb®

While not all of the procedures are painful, some of these are really very painful and uncomfortable. But, thanks to Dr. Numb® that acts as a savior against these painful procedures.

No, Dr. Numb® cannot treat wart. But, it helps you to bear that intolerable pain you might feel while undergoing the wart removal techniques mentioned above.

Dr. Numb® is a topical numbing cream that makes your skin area numb to make it feel numb. With 5% Lidocaine - the highest amount allowed by the FDA, Dr. Numb® is sure to ease the pain of your wart removal procedure!

Dr. Numb® can be applied to the skin to reduce the immediate sensation of pain and produce numbness. It has been in the market since 1998, and is available over the counter meaning that no prescription from the doctor is needed to buy it.

Dr. Numb® is used for a variety of dermal applications other than wart removal such as needle injections, laser, tattooing, body piercing, body waxing, and other dermatological procedures.

Dr. Numb® works by blocking the pain signal transmitted by the nerve endings on the skin. When you apply it on your skin, a feeling of numbness follows after 20-30 seconds.

Dr. Numb® is proven to numb the skin for more than three hours. It is easy to apply and releases the numbing effect for at least three hours. You just need to apply it for about a layer of 1 mm thickness over a clean and dry skin surface an hour before undergoing any painful dermal procedure.