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How To Pierce Your Nose Without Bearing Any Pain

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Nov 1st

How To Pierce Your Nose Without Bearing Any Pain

Getting any part of your body pierced is an important choice, particularly if it is on the face. You cannot hide them effectively and obviously there is pain included. When contrasted with ear piercing, which are genuinely basic, nose piercings take more time to heal.

Getting pierced from a licensed person will guarantee that you have an appropriate arrangement, the piercing is done accurately, the risk of agony is minimized and there is legitimate aftercare done.

You can do it without anyone else's help too, but then for that you would need to know how to pierce your nose. Keep reading…

How to Pierce Your Nose at Home with Less Pain

If you are planning to do this without anyone else's help, you need to know how to pierce the nose with less agony. You can do it at home by avoiding potential risk and following the steps given below;

Envision Your Piercing

You ought to look at different styles of piercing and envision what you might want and which would look great on you.

Pick the Jewelry

Search online for various types of jewels accessible and after that pick the stud, ring or bars. Continuously guarantee it is perfect and clean, unused piece.

Pierce on Clean Skin

Try not to pierce if your skin is infected, has skin inflammation or clogged pores. The rash ought to clear before you pierce, or the piercing will have high odds of getting infected.

Get Needle Ready

How to pierce your nose? A needle is a must. Make sure that use a fresh or new disinfected needle for piercing. An empty needle functions admirably, however, don't hold it down once removed from the package.


It is imperative to disinfect all equipment to be used for piercing. Keep the needle in rubbing liquor and afterward in bubbling water. Wash hands with antibacterial cleanser and utilize latex gloves. Change gloves before genuine piercing.

Check the Location

You can check the spot of piercing by using a sharpie, to put the stud or piercing. Check in the reflect and alter till you are happy with the marking.

Sanitize the Area to Be Pierced

Use rubbing liquor to wipe the area to be pierced. Avoid the eyes, as it can sting. You can use an ice cube to numb the area, but it can fix the skin, which can make piercing troublesome.

Use Piercing Clamp

Use a piercing clamp so that the area to be pierced is fixed safely. You can get one if you don't have it, as it shields within the nose from getting jabbed.

Resist the urge to panic

Unwind and take full breaths to quiet yourself. Nose piercings are moderately simple, as the skin isn't too thick, it's entirely clear system and the pain is also not in particular.


Keep the needle in accordance with the blemish on the nose and it ought to be opposite to the skin. Do it rapidly in one go, so it slides straight over the tissue.

Put On the Jewelry

It is critical to put on the jewelry when you expel the needle, in light of the fact that the gap will start to close and heal. The end ought to happen around the jewelry, so it will fit well. If you postpone putting on the jewelry, the piercing will be a waste.


So, this was all about how to pierce your own nose with safety. To know more about aftercare tips on piercing, stay tuned for our next post…