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How To Keep PAIN Out Of Your Tattooing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jul 19th

How To Keep PAIN Out Of Your Tattooing?

Want to eliminate pain from tattooing? These steps can help you

Getting a tattoo is not a fun for some people.

After all, a tattoo artist punctures your skin with the needle in order to embed the ink into the skin. Boney parts like ankle, feet, ribcage, fingers, and armpits are the most painful places to get a tattoo.

No wonder why most people drop the idea of getting a tattoo. Although getting tattoos do hurt, it is often determined by your pain threshold and other factors. Fret not!

Here are the simple tips for a painless tattoo.

Choose a Right Tattoo Artist:

Choosing a right tattoo artist is a must. He not only makes a great tattoo but also performs the process precisely and with utmost care. An experienced artist knows how to handle clients fearing pain.

Have it On the Right Place:

As we have told you some body parts are painful to get a tattoo. It means that you should look for the places that are least painful. The least painful body parts for tattooing are arms, legs, inside wrist, chest, and thighs.

These parts have a lot of flesh, which acts as a cushion for the needle’s strike, thereby you feel less pain.

Avoid Taking Alcohol or Coffee before Tattooing:

Do you think that alcohol will ease your pain? You need to think again. Alcohol will only thin your blood, making the process even painful. Top of that, it leads to excessive bleeding which in turns pose difficulty for the artist to draw over the skin. The same side effect is caused by caffeine present and coffee. Instead, you can take 8-10 glasses of water to stay hydrated.

Take Adequate Rest:

Generally, the tattoo session lasts up to several hours depending on the size of your tattoo plus the delays during the process. Make sure to take enough rest before the process to save your stamina. Plus, taking adequate rest will reduce the pain of tattooing by releasing adrenaline and endorphins.

Use a Numbing Cream (Your Last Resort to Deal with Tattoo Pain)

If the fear of pain has still possessed you, then numbing cream is your great investment. It is a topical anesthetic which dulls the nerve endings so that they can’t send pain signals to the brain. In simple words, the cream desensitizes your skin against any pain or sensation for a couple of hours. Dr.Numb® is a highly recommended numbing cream for tattooing. It contains 5% lidocaine and keeps your skin numb for a couple of hours. Click here to shop Dr.Numb® now!

Dr.Numb® is simple to use with the instructions given below.

  • Wash your skin with soap and water. Pat Dry
  • Apply numbing cream to the skin
  • Cover it with a plastic wrap for one hour
  • Remove the cover after one hour

These are the steps to make your tattooing less painful. Do you have other ideas in this context? Please share with us by commenting below.