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How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 9th

How To Grow Thicker Eyebrows Naturally?

Your Eyebrows Have To Look Pretty. While These Define Your Face, Bold And Thick One Are All You Need To Enhance Overall Appearance. From Catwalk Models To Red Carpet Divas, Everyone Seems To Be In Love With Thicker Brows These Days. And In The Last Few Years, Fuller Arches Have Become Immensely Popular. One Of The Major Factors Behind Having Fuller Brows Is That It Can Take Years Off Your Face.

Want To Have Thicker, Fuller Brows?

Achieving Thicker Eyebrows Can Be Possible With Some Proper Grooming Techniques. Be Sure You Follow These Tips:

  • Don’t Press Too Hard On The Area With Brow Pencils.
  • Do Brush Your Eyebrows With A Brow Brush Daily.
  • Never Opt For Over Plucking For Your Brows.
  • Try To Remove Unwanted Hairs In Dull Lighting Only. When You Work In Bright Light, You Tend To Over Pluck.

Follow These For Several Weeks, And These Grooming Habits Will Likely Pay Off. In Case, You Still Don’t See Visible Results, Talk To Your Dermatologist. You Can Consider Some Alternatives.

For Those Who Have Sparse And Scanty Eyebrows, Might Be Looking For A Solution To Get Fake Them. Well, There Are Many Eyebrow Products Available In The Market. And Then There Are Some Effective Treatments Like Microblading.

Microblading- What Is It?

Basically, It Is A Procedure That Improves The Appearance Of Your Eyebrows. Being Performed By A Trained Technician, It Includes Of Drawing Fake Brows Using A Special Tool. In Short, The Procedure Involves Hundreds Of Tiny Strokes Which Altogether Build A Texture That Looks Like Your Natural Eyebrow Hair. It Is A Semi-Permanent Solution And Results Can Last Up To 12-18 Months.

While The Tool Cuts Into The Skin In The Area Of Your Eyebrows, It Is Followed By Implantation Of Pigment Into The Cuts. So, This Will Be Little Painful. But That’s Nothing To Fear About. Using A Good Topical Anesthetic Cream Like Dr.Numb® You Can Skip Off The Pain. It Works By Blocking The Pain Signals At The Nerve Endings. Hence, After Applying Such A Cream, Your Skin Becomes Numb And You Feel No Pain.

As Far As Microblading Is Concerned, It Offers You Thicker Eyebrows. Additionally, You Need To Need To Adapt Some Good Grooming Habits.

But If You Are Still Not Sure Of The Method, You Can Lookout For Some Natural Remedies To Make Your Brows Appear Thicker Naturally.

Below Are Listed Some Of Them, Check Out:

Use Lavender Oil

For Years, Lavender Oil Has Been Best Known For Its Calming Effects. And When Applied Topically, It Can Be Really Helpful In Combating Hair Loss. When It Comes To Scientific Studies, Lavender Seems To Be A Promising Element In Treating Stress. Now It Is Widely Used For Beautiful Brows.

How To Use?

You Need To Massage Lavender Extracts Into The Brow Area. This Can Be A Daily Routine For A Relaxing Ritual.

Note: Never Take Lavender Orally. It Can Be Poisonous. For Those Who Have Allergies, Must Consider Taking A Test Before Using The Oil On Any Part Of Their Skin.

Put On Some Coconut Oil

Do You Coconut Oil Has Been Known Treating For General Health Concerns, Including Such As Weight Loss And Dementia? Of Course, It Is Not New To The World. But It Gained Huge Popularity In The Last Few Decades. Earlier It Was Majorly Known As A Cooking Oil And Dietary Supplement. However, Now It Has Touted As A Greatly Beneficial Element For Hair And Skin. The Buzz About This Oil Is That It Works Magically For Your Hair Health.

How To Use?

It Is Quite Simple. Just Warm Up A Small Amount Of Oil, With Few Drops In Your Hands Directly Massage It Into The Eyebrow Area. There Is No Harm In Leaving The Oil On Overnight. You Can Wash It Off In The Morning. You Will Feel The Change In Few Days.

Try Tea Tree Oil

Coming Next Into The List Is Tea Tree Oil. Generally, This Oil Is Used For Cuts And Other Injuries, Or Basically Used As A Skin Treatment. In Fact, It Is Available In Numerous Over-The-Counter Products. But Now It Has Been Used To Purportedly Stimulate Eyebrow Growth. Moreover, It Increases The Thickness By Creating A Moisturizing Barrier For Cellular And Follicular Health. So You Can Trust Tea Tree Oil Or Its Extracts For Better Growth.

How To Use?

This Can Be Applied Directly To Your Eyebrows. Best Time To Do This Would Be Just Before You Go To Bed. To Use It, Apply Daily To Your Brows, And Let It Be There Overnight.

Note: The Oil May Cause An Allergic Reaction To Some People. Hence, Before Using It For Your Eyebrows, Make Sure You Test The Product On A Small Area Of Your Skin. You Can Use It First On Your Arm.

So, With These Remedies You Will Be Able To Make Your Eyebrow Hair Grow Stronger And Thicker. And The Best Part Is That These Remedies Aren’t Harmful. In Fact, Some Of Them Will Also Aid Fresh Hair Growth.

Have Some Other Remedies To Share? Want To Share Some Tips Or Tricks To Make Your Brows Appear Thicker?

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