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How to Deal with Itchy Tattoos?

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Aug 1st

How to Deal with Itchy Tattoos?

Tattoos are love. But in the initial stage these can turn problematic due to tattoo itching or some swelling. Find our here to deal with such a situation.

Getting a new tattoo or you already got one recently?

Undoubtedly tattooing is being loved. As per the Harris poll in 2012, it was found that 1 out of every 5 adults has at least one tattoo. So if you too are in love with this beautiful body modification, it works great.

But many times, due to some uncertain reasons, your design starts appearing bit raised and itchy. Wondering why this happens? Let us help you explore some of the most common reasons for this, and how to handle it.

Reason#1: The Weather

A change in the weather can be culprit when it comes to irritation. Though people believe it to be common in the summer time, it can occur when temperatures and humidity increases abruptly. The worst part is that it can also cause you swelling. Further it can lead to a slight stretching of the skin which increases the Tatoo itching condition. For this you can consult your physician, and he would be probably recommending you topical anti itch creams. At home you can apply ice or cool water to alleviate this discomfort temporarily.

In case of cold winter months, the tattoo itching conditions can be due to subsequent dry skin. Such skin conditions can also cause itchy rashes. This majorly happens when the pigment under the skin is exposed to extreme cold. So here the ink could react to the temperature change in an adverse way. To keep problems at bay, keep your skin moisturized with lotion.

Reason#2: Allergic Reaction

This could be the most common cause for tattoo itching. Allergic reactions to ink can occur sometimes. It occurs usually in the case of red and yellow ink, or the combination of two. You need to understand that an allergic reaction may not happen immediately. It can appear a week after receiving a tattoo, and even in few cases it was detected years down the road. This can be due to some changes in the body.

Generally ink allergy will be itchy in fewer spots of the particular color. This might be likely to stay constant rather than the irritation which comes and goes. You can apply a topical ointment like Dr.Numb®. Being made of a numbing agent like lidocaine this works well to make your skin itch free.

Reason#3: Body Chemistry

The changes inside your body will affect you on the outside too. This means if there is a rise in the blood pressure, it can increase adrenaline and this might affect your tattoo. So in a case, if you notice your tattoo itching or uncomfortable, due to some changes in your body, think about what you have been doing recently. If you find a connection in between the body changes and tattoo itching, cut off from any activity leading to that change. It is must for a period of time to let your tattoo feel better on its own.

The good thing is that this sort of condition is occasional not consistent. But if not paid attention to, it might be there in longer run. So be alert and keep safe.