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How much time permanent makeup requires? Is it safe?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Apr 14th

How much time permanent makeup requires? Is it safe?

Wearing off make-up makes us feel different facing our real face in the bathroom mirror. If nature to be followed, human being must not try to change his original characteristics, like animals. But beauty obsessed world earlier fed on cosmetics, but that too has become time consuming, so we have ended up with another solution – permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is one time deal. 

It requires qualified technicians, okay checked cosmetics or pigments for permanent tattooing (more appropriate name for the procedure as it’s actually tattooing with pigments underneath dermis). This tattooing is done with usual procedure and needle. It makes you appear as if you’ always wearing makeup or it’s also used to hide scars.

Time Taken for Permanent Makeup Procedure

Before discussing time taken for permanent makeup, we will have to take you through the types of permanent makeup because procedure for each of these types require different amount of time. On the top of that, healing time is extra and it varies from individual to individuals.


Eyebrows are a common area for permanent makeup because aging and hair loss deprive people of their normal looks and it becomes a hell of task to apply eyeliner every day. For eyebrows, permanent makeup procedure might take a few strokes of pigment that’s require not more than an half-an hour or it could be full coloring in the missing brow. Latter would require 2-3 hours and revisits for second session and final finishing.


People want permanent makeup for lips either because they want more color/shade on their lips or as a solution to dry lips trouble. A technician can finish full lip tattooing in a couple of hours depending how client co-operates because it hurts. Client will have to revisit his technicians for second session depending upon how soon the treated area heals for temporary skin conditions.


People with scars, patches or some sort of skin condition on cheek prefer to go through permanent makeup procedure instead of sweating hard to cover them up with makeup every day. The time taken for procedure in this case varies depending on the surface area to be treated. To give you an idea, it would take more than couple of day if to be applied on entire day and weeks to heal on top of it.

Other than these common parts, tattooing can be applied anywhere on human skin to achieve a particular solution skin related imperfections.

Is Permanent Makeup Safe?

Although, rarely cases of critical side-effects of permanent makeup come into light, but still there are some safety issues which must be attended and understood before going through procedure.

Permanent Markup is actually under-skin tattooing so the side-effects are similar too. It may cause complications, like skin allergies to the pigments, formation of scars, granulomas and keloids, skin cracking, peeling, blistering and local infections.

Use of infected instrument could transmit infections, like HIV and hepatitis.

Swelling or burning in the treated area could remains for weeks and you might find it hard to face sunlight as it stimulates allergic reaction to pigments.

The hardest aspect of permanent makeup is removal, in case it’s required. The pigmentation would require traditional methods or modern laser therapies as required in case of normal tattoos. Removal could spoil things if not removed properly.

Most of the complications could be attributed to fault in quality of pigmentation colors, methods and techniques, individual and intrinsic troubles depending upon existing medical and health conditions.