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Hottest Tattoo Trends for 2018

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Dec 8th

Hottest Tattoo Trends for 2018

Here we have compiled the hottest tattoo trends for 2018.

Over the past few years, tattooing has gone to the new level pushing boundaries to produce something unique and eye catching at the same time. 2017 marked the popularity of biomechanical tattoos, angel tattoos, quote tattoos, compass tattoos, eagle tattoos and many more. So what’s going to dominate the tattooing trends in 2018? Or what can be the hottest tattoo styles for 2018.

After getting ideas from tattooing artists and experts, here we have listed the tattoos which can rule 2018. Let’s check out them

Geometric Tattoos:

Geometric tattoos can be a big hit in 2018, especially among those who are looking to get something new. In fact, the thing make them so popular is the uniqueness. You can say that it is just about lines and figures with no meaning at all. However, if you go deeper, you will find that geometric tattoo is a visual representation of balance, perfection, symmetry and harmony. The harmony still lies in amidst the disorder of lines and figures.

Get it done from an experienced tattoo artist to achieve perfection in your tattoo. Some of the best geometric tattoos are…

  • Geometric leaf
  • Full Body Swirling Lines
  • Abstract Shapes
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Chest Chandelier
  • Overlapping Diamond
  • Prism
  • Geometric Wave
  • Triangle with a Line
  • Hexagons and Cubes

Animal Tattoos:

What about animal tattoos? They are extremely popular. Some of the common animal tattoos are koi fish, tigers, cats, birds, butterflies, horses and snakes. If you want to get unique animal tattoo, you can try geometric animal tattoos that look cool, thanks to their contrastive combination of realistic style with geometric details.

Nowadays, many people are getting realistic animal tattoos, which are bolder and brighter. Each animal tattoo has its own meaning. For example,

  • Horse animal tattoo stands for agility and beauty.
  • Bear animal tattoo represents power and dominance.
  • Raven tattoo indicates that wearer loves mysteries.
  • Bright colorful peacock tattoo is a great feminine tattoo and stands for self-esteem, beauty and satisfaction.
  • Lion tattoo has only one meaning—you’re the king.
  • Tiger tattoo denotes courage, power and severity.
  • Fish tattoo is said to bring good luck and wealth. Plus, it looks pretty.
  • Snake tattoo stands for peril and ferocity.

Tech Tattoos:

You’ve probably heard about tech tattoos. From binary tattoos, mouse-hourglass, HTML coding, power button to even Steve Job’s autograph, there are plenty of tech tattoos to choose from. Here we are talking about just simple tattoos which are not to be confused with biotech tattoo that interact with a device or mobile app.

Plant Stenciling Tattoos:

Invented by Ukrainian tattooist Rita Zolotukhina, plant stencil tattoos are making inroad into modern tattooing practices. According to Rita, the plants and flowers are directly dipped into the stencil ink, instead of using hand drawn stencils to make the design. Then the tattoos are done along the lines of the plant’s stencil followed by shading—thereby creating a realistic version of the plant.

Blackout Tattoos:

Blackout tattoos look more like a body painting than a traditional tattooing art. They are the blend of Polynesian tattoos and graphic art. They were introduced as the cover up options to hide the “unwanted” tattoos on the skin. Over the time, they went on to become the rage. However, the art is so extreme that it may find its fan among diehard tattoo enthusiasts. It may not be your thing if you are a delicate ink lover. Blackout tattoos, as the name implies, are made using solid black ink while the shades are often broader and geometric in appearance. Sometime the larger part of the skin is painted black with small designs over it. If you have lighter skin, you can black out an area and use the flesh color to illustrate the design. It takes 6 hours for a normal blackout tattoo to be completed as you are getting something extreme and solid on your skin—making it a most difficult job.

However, it is quite painful as the needle has to cover the entire skin area in the patches to create the design. This is why using a numbing cream does make sense. One more thing—always count on a good tattoo artist for such extreme and off-beat tattooing.

So these are the hottest tattoo trends you can try in 2018.

If you are looking to get the one, make sure to keep these things in mind to avoid tattoo regret:

Know How it Affects Your Life.

Get the tattoo which goes well with your aesthetic sense. Also consider if your workplace lets you get a tattoo.

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist:

Most of the tattoos we listed above are complex, requiring you to find an experienced tattoo artist. He can be a bit expensive but it is for sure that you get a good tattoo. To find the right one, you can do research and ask your friend about references.

Do You Budget for It?

Attractive and large pieces of tattoo are expensive. This can be justified as the artist has to do the job with utmost concentration using his best tools and skills.

The price of the tattoos may vary based on the size, shading and coloring.

Do You Have Sensitive Skin?

Tattooing on sensitive skin leads to rashes, scarring and sweating. If you are allergic to certain eye shadows or lipsticks, a tattoo may be allergic to you as it contains same pigments. It would be better if you talk to your dermatologist to get the “compatible” pigment for your skin.

Use a Numbing Cream:

Getting a tattoo is not a fun! The penetration of needle feels like if cat scratches your skin. Numbing cream is a great solution to tame the pain and discomfort occurring during tattooing. It dulls your pain receptors, thereby desensitizing the skin patch against the striking of needle. It is easy to use—just apply it like any topical skin cream. Shop Dr.Numb® now for your tattooing.