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Here’s How Painful Piercings Have Left These People In TEARS

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Apr 24th

Here’s How Painful Piercings Have Left These People In TEARS

How some people went through terrible pain with certain piercings? Go through their stories in their own words.

In terms of pain, not all piercings are the same. Some hurt less while some hurt like hell. And it depends on your pain threshold. For example, some people find belly button piercing painful while some say that it is the least painful piercing. Here we have rounded up the experiences of the people how certain piercings have tested their pain threshold.

Industrial Piercing and Orbital Piercing are Synonym to Terrible Pain

“2 in each earlobe. 1 when I was 4 so I don't remember, the other done in college and I almost couldn't feel it. These ones are the least maintenance and hurt the least.

Navel- done when I was 15. It really didn't hurt much but it was sore while it healed.

Industrial in right ear- in my opinion, cartilage is more painful to have pierced, and it takes longer to heal. I've had it for maybe 5 years now, it never bothers me except when I go get my hair done and the girl snags it with her brush.

Orbital in my left ear. This is my pain in the ass piercing. This is the second time I've had it and it may be coming out soon. I'm not sure if it's the angle of the piercings or what, but it seems like anytime I have a ring in it, there's weird pressure and it hurts. I had it pierced for the second time about 2 years ago (so it's my most recent), and it was sore for maybe a week.

In short- everyone tolerates pain differently, but I really don't think anyone could find earlobe piercing to be too painful. I'd start with that.”

For Darren Welton, It Was Nipple Piercing

“I've had +20 piercings in my life varying from genitals, nipples, oral, ear, facial, surface, and belly button. From my experience, my nipples were the most painful. Granted I got them both done at the same time, but those were quite painful during and afterward. They were also uncomfortable when changing the jewelry. This pain/discomfort only lasted a few weeks and I lost no sensation in that area. For the record, I have had my nipples pierced multiple times now, and I presume I have acclimated to the feeling. That first time though... Phew..”

Samantha Thomson’s Nightmare with Nostril Piercing Goes Like This…

“I have had many piercings and due to all of them being different levels of pain, some unbearable and some totally fine, it’s hard to tell if my pain threshold is high or not. I got my nose pierced twice on each nostril and it hurt so bad that I couldn’t get it done again. This is cartilage so for most people this will be a rather painful piercing, but I've known some people to say it was a doddle, so you could fall under that crowd. I got my helix done and this is cartilage also, but this wasn’t entirely painful even though it did hurt I could bear this pain. My eyebrow was a tiny pinch. Nothing. My belly button was not a nice experience when this piercing is considered one of the least painful piercings. My tongue wasn’t painful, but more of an uncomfortable pulling sensation and I didn’t feel a thing when I got my lip pierced in the middle but then after getting it repierced it was awfully sore. I got other areas of my lip pierced and these were also very painful. With some piercings, the healing process is a lot more bothersome and painful than getting the actual needle through. Keep cleaning them to avoid infection.”

Reality Check for Those Who Think Septum Piercing is a Breeze

“Septum...and it was made worse by most people telling me it's one of the least painful, and just the clamps are uncomfortable, so I was expecting a pretty pain-free experience. I know I didn't get pierced in an improper place, as this is a very, very reputable shop. I've heard that being on your period can make piercings more painful, and I was at the time, so maybe that had something to do with it.

I'd say it was maybe an 8/10 on the pain scale? The clamps were awful, but the needle was even worse. She had some trouble getting it through in one fell swoop. I let out a gasp/moan thing as it happened, which I have never done for a piercing. But uh...maybe I'm just a baby. It's been the least painful healing though. It hasn't hurt since that day unless I bump it on something.”

What We Say…

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