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Hemorrhoids: The Itchy and Painful Skin Condition

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 16th

Hemorrhoids: The Itchy and Painful Skin Condition

Hemorrhoids are a condition which occurs due to inflammation of the veins around the region of the lower rectal. It can be very itchy and irritating. Find out how to get rid of this skin infection and consistent itching.

Are you suffering from piles?

Don’t worry! You aren’t all alone to go through this problem. Do you around 40-percent of the worldwide population suffer from hemorrhoids?

Basically, these are resultant of distended veins in the rectum which instigate fit to burst. It would further cause a burning sensation and soreness around the region of the lower rectal. This condition occurs when pressure is caused due to constipation and extra strain comes in on the lower extremities, such as is case of pregnancy.

What causes hemorrhoids pain?

As stated it is caused due to the pressure on blood vessels found in the walls of the rectum and anus. Now when these blood vessels swell, this leads to severe pain, itching, bleeding, soreness, and so on.

Here are listed some of the causes of hemorrhoids;

  • Are you suffering from chronic or acute diarrhea? Hemorrhoids can be the next thing.
  • Found in the patients suffering from colon cancer.
  • Consumption of a diet low in fiber. Thus, the patient has to exert more pressure for desired bowel movement.
  • Another common reason is obesity.
  • Being common during pregnancy, these occur due to enlarged uterus which exerts more pressure on the rectum and anus.
  • If there is any alteration in the levels of hormones, it might weaken then muscles weak, and can cause hemorrhoids.
  • For those with history of a surgery of the rectal region.
  • Due to some injury in the spinal cord or incorrect sitting/sleeping posture

When you need to undergo hemorrhoid surgery?

This becomes necessary when you are suffering from extensive bleeding and pain. Especially during excretion, if it is becoming unbearable, you immediately need to see a doctor.

Secondly, if your doctor diagnoses that you have external hemorrhoids, i.e. you are suffering from hemorrhoids containing blood clumps inside hemorrhoids, and surgery will be a right solution.

But before than get it examined from your specialist. There are several ways you can opt for, including;

  • Proctoscopy: In this case, the medical practitioner inserts a proctoscope, which is a slender tube having a camera and a light, into the rectum for examination.
  • Colonoscopy: Another method which is performed by the doctors to see and analyze the digestive organ and the rectum.
  • Anoscopy: It is performed using an anoscope which is inserted into the anus to inspect the anal canal and lower rectum.
  • Sigmoidoscopy: It is done to examine the rectum and the lower part of the colon.

Don’t fear from the surgery. It is a minor operation which can be done at any local nursing centre. If you fear for the pain caused during the operation, you can count on Dr.Numb®. It is a numbing cream which when applied to the affected area causes a numbing sensation by blocking the pain signals.