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Harmful Dermarolling Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 6th

Harmful Dermarolling Mistakes You MUST Avoid

Everyone who has acnes, scars, moles and other face problems always want to know effectiveness of dermarolling. Its best information can be acquired only after using it, though reading reviews online is also informative, but not completely satisfying and using the device.

Derma rollers can be used at home but you have to follow some precautions and avoid some misconceptions to see better results in a safer way. If you have some confusion, then you must collect proper information about it or consult a professional, otherwise you can injure your face or can boost skin problems. You can try to avoid these mistakes to safely and effectively complete the skin treatment.

Roller size

Derma rollers come with different sizes of heads so you can use them to treat several types of skin disorders like moles, acnes and even to prevent hair loss. There are some misleading claims online that tell 0.2mm roller head can cure acnes. This is not true because you have to use at least 0.5 mm head to improve collagen creation in skin. Roller size also depends on skin type and other conditions of different persons.

Rolling style

When a professional performs derma rolling in anyone’s face, there are chances of getting good results as they know the better techniques of rolling. They also know correct time to treat a specific type of skin problem. You have to roll horizontally, vertically and diagonally to treat skin disorders. Try to roll sensibly and also avoid continuous rolling over a portion of skin as it can cause serious injuries, that if you are doing it yourself.

Skin conditions

If you have read somewhere that derma rolling can cure acnes, it isn’t completely true. Try to avoid derma rolling during active skin problems because it can increase their growth; however you can try 0.25 to 0.3mm roller heads to treat acnes by sensibly rolling areas around the acne which is not weeping.


There are a number of chemical treatments to cure acne scars and other skin problems. If anyone is taking any type of medication that can slow down recovery of derma roller-treated skin then you must avoid using derma roller.

Skin care products

Derma rolling enhances collagen creation and it also creates enough passages in skin for deep absorption of healthy skin care products, so you can use them after a rolling session. Cosmetics with chemical and harmful ingredients should be avoided after derma rolling to prevent any side effects.


You might have heard that using derma roller daily is effective; some even say that you should use it only two to three times to get fantastic results. The fact is, time period for derma rolling depends on the size of needles and type of skin problems.

People have different types of problems, some want to try derma rolling for anti-ageing and some for preventing hair loss or curing skin problems. Definitely, it can get good results in some problems but you have to carry out the process properly, else you are going to enhance your existing problem.