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Gift Your Loved Ones With Tattoo On This Valentine

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Feb 5th

Gift Your Loved Ones With Tattoo On This Valentine

February is the month of love and love is everywhere in the air. It is the best month to express your love and gift a life time memory to your loved one. When it comes to expression of love, tattoos are the best platform. Tattoos reflect the true love one carries in his or her heart for the loved one. Getting a tattoo is not easy as it is a lifetime commitment, so getting inked reveals the true love for their counterparts.

Although tattoos remain in trend for whole year but month of February is special because of valentines. Even Google Trends reveals the craze of people towards tattoo in month of February

This article will help you to choose a design for your tattoo which will be the best gift for your beloved ones.

  • Soundwave Tattoos

Wouldn’t it be cool if the voice of your beloved or her favorite song is played by your tattoo? But how is it possible? The latest technology has made it possible with help of soundwave tattoo. It is a tattoo which resulted from the perfect assortment of art and science.

Choose your one minute audio in form of spoken word or music and a sound wave pattern is generated taking into consideration the chosen audio. The pattern is obtained with help of an app named skin motion. The obtained pattern is then inked on the skin and 24 hours later it is followed up with an overlay that gets read by your Smartphone’s camera. Then you are ready with your sound wave tattoo.

  • Getting inked with each other’s name

You love her and she loves you, then why not gifts each other with a memory which will melt your hearts each time you see that gift? Knock your heart, grab your love in hand, mix it with ink and get a tattoo of her name on your skin. What can be the more romantic gift than engraving her or his name on your skin? A permanent tattoo of his or her name leaves permanent impression of your love on her or his heart.

So, don’t wait and chose a perfect design of each other’s name, making this Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

  • DNA Tattoo

If you think getting inked with name of your lover is old fashioned and not so unique idea, then welcome to 2018, where technology has helped to bring ideas full of creativity that will set a true example of your love.

Why don’t you add a DNA of your lover in your life permanently? Confused? Yes, with improvements in technology, now it is possible to get DNA of your lover mixed in your tattoo, which you will cherish for entire lifetime.

The technology which was earlier famous amongst the underground artists with name of ‘morbid ink’ has been given a platform by a company named Everence.

Just hand over your lover’s DNA in any form: Saliva, hair or blood to Everence and that DNA sample will be extracted and purified at their end, resulting into some powdery form which will be parceled to you in a vial without any chemical impurities. The provided powder is then mixed with the ink and with same ink you get a tattoo design of your choice.

So, be creative and get a DNA tattoo this valentine.

  • Opposites attract and tattoos are best medium to represent it

A rule of Science befits perfectly well in a real life too: ‘Opposites attract each other.’ So, if you and your lover are totally opposite to each other but still love each other indefinitely, get yourself inked with tattoo that represents this sort of love. There is no best day other than the Valentine’s Day when you can showcase your love for each other.

Tattoos with positive and negative sign on each other body will truly reflect how you are different and still charge your love with your emotions.

White Ink Tattoo

Black colored tattoos are too common to be put on skin. Rise above such traditional tattoos and get a tattoo with white ink. Although white ink tattoos have many drawbacks but still they are gaining huge popularity with passing time.

This is a true gift for dark colored skin lovers as white ink tattoos look subtle on dark skin and contrast of black white looks beautiful on the skin. Moreover, these tattoos age very well on the darker skin.

Choose a small romantic design to showcase your love and celebrate this valentine with white ink tattoo.

“One is loved because one is loved. No reason is needed for loving.” says Paulo Coelho in his book, The Alchemist. So, choose a good tattoo design and seal your love for your lover permanently in form of a tattoo.