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Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Sep 18th

Getting Tattooed During Pregnancy? Here’s What You Need to Know!

Getting Tattooed during pregnancy? There will be so many questions coming to your mind. Read on to know the details you need to pay attention, in case you proceed.

Pregnancy and tattooing generally don’t seem to be together. But maybe you have a thought to make this special time of your life memorable by getting a tattoo.

Of course, you just want everything to be comfortable and safe for you and the little one. Here is detailed information which will be helpful for you in making a right decision.

Will tattoos do any harm to me or fetus?

As far as harms are considered, very little information is available on the safety of skin dyes for tattooing. However, during pregnancy it is possible that a chemical in the dye affect the development of the baby. This is more common in the first 12 weeks. But the risks are unknown for any effects on the baby during the remaining time of your pregnancy.

Generally, the major concern with getting a tattoo while you are pregnant is the risk of contracting an infection. It is usually linked with Hepatitis B and HIV. However, the risk is small and for this experts recommend to wait for a tattoo until after your baby is born.

What to consider if want to get a tattoo in my pregnancy?

If you are pregnant, you might be getting a long list of advice about what you should or shouldn’t do. From skipping the sushi to avoiding water slides, the list tends to goes on. So if you are decided to have a tattoo while pregnancy, here’s more about what to do before you book your ink appointment.

1. Firstly, you must ensure that your tattoo artist follows these guidelines:

  • He should be a registered practitioner.
  • He must wear gloves during the procedure.
  • He should have an autoclave, i.e. sterilizing unit to sterilize equipment.

2. The parlor, floors, and all other surfaces should be super clean.

3. The needles which are to be used during the process should be new, disposable, and made for single use

4. Only sterile, packed, and unopened dressings should be used.

5. Similarly for the dyes or ink being used for tattoo purpose, these should be also sterile packed and unopened.

Plus, make sure your artist should be available for first 24 hours if you have any problems.

Will tattooing be painful during pregnancy?

As your skin becomes more sensitive during pregnancy, you need to know that it can be more than little painful. You will find the needle pricks to be more dreadful. Especially, if you are late into your pregnancy, this might be a shock to the system.

But you cannot overcome the pain fear using a topical anesthetic cream. You can switch to Dr.Numb® for this purpose. It is a lidocaine based cream which when applied to the skin causes a numbing sensation. Having 5% lidocaine, it acts a numbing agent and makes the process painless. So this problem is sorted out.

But still, it is recommended to visit your gynecologist before making any appointment to tattoo parlor.