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How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Dermaroller

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 May 25th

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks With Dermaroller

Stretch marks are basically inescapable for women who are considering getting in shape, putting on weight. It’s a fact that sooner or later in our lives, we'll get stretch marks and mostly it is found after pregnancy. Other than being baffled about the non-glamorous symptom, having stretch marks can be somewhat easier when you know why they're there.

What causes stretch marks?

Certain hormonal conditions like pregnancy, adolescence, and vacillations in weight, can incline a few people to stretch marks. When the skin stretches following the weight change, skin tissues break and it shows up the white mark, which is really a scar.

How can we get rid of stretch marks?

There have been various treatments touted to help, including lasers, peels, "natural" oils, Retin-A, and silicone gels, to give some examples. However, since stretch marks are basically a scar from the back to front, there is no treatment that makes them vanish totally.

Here, in this article, we will talk about removing the stretch marks with Dermaroller

Derma Roller

Derma roller evacuates the dead skin and leads the development of new and healthy skin. The roller should be rubbed over the stretch marks. The procedure should be repeated once in seven days to get comes about quicker.

The Derma roller contains sharp and small pins at the cylinder. In this way, before you use the roller on the skin, apply some numbing cream like, Dr.Numb®, on the stretch marks otherwise the procedure will be little painful.

When a Derma roller is moved over the skin, it expels the damaged layer of the skin, which compel the body to cover the surface with new skin which will be free from stretch marks.

Picking the Best Numbing Cream for Stretch Mark Treatment

While getting stretch marks removed, one of the significant concerns is the use of a successful numbing cream that will be safe and cause no allergies.

Pick a numbing cream with not over 5% Lidocaine, which is certified to be the safe amount of the medication by FDA.

Doctors feel safe when they use Dr.Numb®

It might be an over-the-counter numbing cream, but is highly useful and safe to use. It is water based, which brings about quick absorption and fast action.

The impact of the cream will begin setting in 15 minutes applying it on the area and it will last for 60 minutes.