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How to Get Rid of Muscle Pain Naturally at Home?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Feb 19th

How to Get Rid of Muscle Pain Naturally at Home?

Are you seeking relief for sore muscles after workout or exhaustive activities? If so, here are the home remedies for muscle pain you can try.

Muscle pain or myalgia is the discomfort of the muscles due to overusing or injuring during physical activity like workout, muscle tension. It is common and everybody has experienced it at some point. While there are analgesic creams or medication for muscle aches, you can use several home remedies to treat muscle pain.

Here we have listed such home remedies that contain anti-inflammatory and soothing properties to ease your muscle pain.

Cold Pack

A list of home remedy for muscle pain would be incomplete without the mention of cold packs. They are traditional yet efficient way to treat the muscle pains. This is why they are widely used in gyms and sports fields. An extreme cooling effect constricts the blood vessels to slow down the blood flow to the aching area, thereby reducing the swelling and pain messages being transmitted to the brain. It is great remedy for damaged muscle tissues causing inflammation and swelling. It is very simple to use!

Just wrap handful of ice cubes in a thin towel and compress it against the aching area for 15-20 minutes for every 4-6 hours. Frozen vegetable pack is also a good alternative.

Heat Therapy:

Heat therapy does exactly opposite to the cold compresses. It promotes the blood flow to the affected part to relax the sore. The therapy is packed with the analgesic properties to heal chronic muscle pain and sore joints due to arthritis. It is also useful in lower back pain where it relaxes the blood vessels of the muscles surrounding the spine while stretching the soft tissues around the spine. Heat therapy is done in two ways, dry heat by electric heating pads and moist heat from hot baths and steamed towels.

You can also achieve the same effect by soaking affected body part in hot water for 10-15 minutes or till you feel improvement.

Cherry Juice:

Cherry juice is not only delicious, but also deals with the inflammation and muscle pain. This is because the presence of antioxidant, anthocyanins, which protects cells from alternation. Plus, it is packed with anti-inflammatory properties that ease the swelling in muscles. It can be taken as a raw juice or in a supplement form.


Chamomile is packed with therapeutic properties to soothe various body pains and muscle spasms. The herb is packed with special flavonoids being rich in properties. It has two variants, namely, Roman chamomile oil (from Anthemis nobilis) and German chamomile oil (from Matricaria chamomilla). Both types have analgesic properties to provide relief from headaches and neuralgia, muscle and joint pains. However, German chamomile oil is recommended due to its strong anti-inflammatory conditions.

All you need to massage the affected part with chamomile oil to soothe your pain. Alternatively, you can have chamomile tea to ease your sore muscles.

Besides using these home remedies to reduce muscle pain, you must give appropriate rest to the affected body part. You must see your doctor if the muscle pain is not going away or there is no improvement with these remedies.