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How to get rid of moles at home?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 6th

How to get rid of moles at home?

Are you fed up of those unwanted moles on your skin?

Want to get rid of them in the privacy of your own home?

Well, it is possible to keep your skin mole-free. However, it is important to understand what basically these moles are.

What are moles?

These can be defined as the accumulated pigmented cells which appear as dark spots on the skin. One of the major problems with these unwanted structures is that they can develop in the upper and lower layers of the skin. Generally, moles are found on the arms, face, neck, and legs. But in some cases, you may find them beneath the nails, on the scalp, and even on the toes.

One thing more, not all moles are same. These can vary in shape, color, and size. While some moles are flat, colored spots, in other cases these can be in raised form like bumps. Usually, these appear in colors such as pink, red, black, and brown.

How to treat moles?

Moles are of different size, color, and shapes. In case, you are bearing a larger mole, it is best to go for minor surgery. The only drawback with this removal solution is that it is slightly painful. However, it is not a major issue as you can skip of pain easily with the help of a numbing agent. Yes, you can switch to any topical anesthetic cream like Dr.Numb® which comes with 5% lidocaine and helps blocking pain signals efficiently. It is safe on skin and harsh on pain.

And for the small or medium sized moles, you can work with some natural remedies.

Below are listed some home remedies which can be helpful in treating unwanted moles.

Baking Soda and Castor Oil

Both, castor oil and baking soda, assists mole removal naturally. While baking soda dries out the mole, on the other hand castor oil boosts the healing process. Hence, you can count on this method more as it doesn’t allow the mole to leave behind any scars.

You will require 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 2-3 drops castor oil. Blend both the ingredients well to form a thick paste and apply it on the mole. You can cover it with the band-aid to keep it in place overnight. In morning you can wash it and repeat this every night.

Frankincense Oil

Do you know this essential oil has the astringent properties? Yes, its application help tightening of the skin around the mole. It will absorb the excess oils around and dry it out. Thus, regular application will help form a scab and it will eventually fall off.

Simply, apply the oil on the mole and leave it on. You can repeat it 3-4 times a day.

Apple Cider Vinegar

It is one of the simplest solutions as all you need is apple cider vinegar and band-aid (or scotch tape). Actually, it is the acidic properties in the vinegar which leads to shrinking up of the mole, making it form a scab, and then eventually disappear.

Just dip the cotton in the vinegar and gently place it on top of the mole. Fix it at the same place with the help of band-aid and let it sit there for 5-6 hours. After you remove it, clean the area nicely, and repeat the ACV application.