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How to get ready for the Brazilian bikini waxing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Jul 11th

How to get ready for the Brazilian bikini waxing?

Are you tired of trying that standard bikini wax? Want something more impressive and effective? Brazilian bikini wax is the answer to your problem. However, it is often considered to be frightful. Don’t worry! Here is something which will help you get ready for Brazilian bikini waxing.

Have you decided to wear that awesome bikini on your next trip to the beach?

If yes, then you certainly don’t want your pubic hair to spoil a tropical vacation, isn’t it? For this, you have to consider removing your bikini hair. Although you can choose to shave that area, yet this isn’t the safest option. In fact, it can cause infection, cut, or worst a severe damage to that sensitive area. And you don’t want this to happen, right?

It is the biggest reasons why Brazilian bikini waxing is growing immensely in terms of popularity. Most of the women trust this method to get a clean and clear bikini line. But along with the effectiveness, it has also earned a reputation for being jarring and intensely painful. This is true, especially for the first-time experimenter.

In case, you think you will not be able to tolerate this pain, you need to look for a topical anesthetic solution. If you want something which fits in your budget, is safe, and efficient to cut down on the pain, you can trust Dr.Numb®. The best part about this cream is it can be bought over the counter without any medical prescription. It is easily available online and on local stores.

Why use Dr.Numb® for Brazilian bikini waxing?

Wondering why only Dr.Numb®? Actually, it is a lidocaine based solution. When applied to the skin it blocks the pain signals by making the nerve endings dead for around three to four hours. Hence, after application, Brazilian bikini waxing can be conducted easily.

Besides, there are few things which will help you get ready for this style of waxing.

  • Expert consultation: It is advised to discuss with your professional, especially if you are getting it done for the first time. Actually, doing so you will get a complete knowledge about how much hair would be removed, how it will go, and what to expect. They can guide you about terms like shaping, landing strip, and of course, full hair removal. Hence, before commencing the treatment, feel free to discuss.
  • Learn contraindications: Yes, there is a possibility for something going wrong. Thus, it will be better if you always check prior to this side before proceeding with treatment. The professional can guide you about the checklist of the conditions which may affect the treatment.
  • Be comfortable: It is essential for both, you and your artist to be at the comfort. The area to be treated is super sensitive. Hence, ask them whether they provide a disposable elasticized G-String. Also, it is better is they give hygiene wipes along. Actually, G-string enables the therapist to support and stretch the area being waxed. It also reduces the chanced of direct contact with the genital area.

So, stop fearing and go hairless!