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How to Get Painless And Safe Nipple Piercing?

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Aug 17th

How to Get Painless And Safe Nipple Piercing?

Body piercing has been practiced for years on this planet. Since ancient times it has been a part of culture and fashion, both. But when it comes to nipple piercing, things seems to be changed. Find out more details about this style of piercing.

When it comes to piercing fashion, nipple piercing makes even the strongest cringe.

Despite of all the notions of pain associated with nipple piercing, it has grown immensely in terms of popularity. Isn’t it? Yes, the trend has taken off rapidly and now it is not only common in women, but even men are getting their nipples punctured.

Want to get your nipples pierced?

It might be a great fashion statement, but you cannot overlook the fact that it is a painful procedure too. While all other piercings also causes some amount of pain, but this lead to severe discomfort.

Understanding Nipple Piercing Pain

Well, if you are thinking how much pain nipple piercing will cause, it will depend on a person’s pain threshold. It can be as a quick pinch for some, and a very uncomfortable experience for others.

Actually, piercing involve insertion of needle through your skin. And your nipples are very sensitive. When pierced with a needle, they pain terribly. Owing to this pain, many people don’t go for the procedure. No, it is not meant to scare you or keep you away from nipple piercing. You can go for it and that too without pain. How?

How to make nipple piercing painless?

The answer is simple, Dr.Numb® cream, a topical anesthetic solution which comes with 5% lidocaine. It is an active numbing agent which blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings. This means the application of this cream prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. Hence, it will be no more painful. But that’s not all! There are few things to keep in mind before getting your nipple pierced.

What to know before getting nipples pierced?

Piercing is a body art which calls for your attention, both, before and after getting it done. So, you need to be careful about few things to make sure everything goes well. Below are listed what all you need to take care of;

1. Search for a professional studio

You can consider it as a challenging task. So, to make it successful you need to put in some sincere efforts. To begin with, start looking for a professional and reputed studio in your nearby location. Obviously, you cannot rely on any inexperienced artist. They might you charge a little less, but it will turn out to be harmful in the long run. You can do your research online, checking for some reviews, their social media profiles, and so on. Once you are satisfied, call up and make an appointment with the artist.

2. Do visit the piercing parlor in advance

There is a strong reason to mention this point separately. Actually, you need to be ensured that the parlor you choose is efficient enough to give you a right piercing job. For this,

  • Look for the practice and hygiene
  • Ensure for machinery and equipment
  • Ask for client reviews, and their satisfaction level

3. Choose correct jewelry

It is another essential thing you need to pay attention. You can initially go with steel ring piercing and steel barbell piercing. Well, there are countless nipple jewelry options, the selection will depend largely on the shape and size of your nipples.

Follow these and get a safer piercing done.