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It's Possible! Get A Painless Bikini Wax With Numbing Cream

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Apr 20th

It's Possible! Get A Painless Bikini Wax With Numbing Cream

Nowadays beauty treatments have made it possible to pluck hair easily from the body. Normally, women pluck hair from the eyebrows, under arms, and pubic area. Hair follicles are sensitive; thus, pulling them off the skin produces pain that is grievous for a few ladies.Earlier, a painless bikini wax treatment was not at all possible for ladies. But, with the help of modern treatments and many cosmetic tools, everything is possible without bringing on pain. 

These days numbing creams have made wax treatments charming and pain free. These creams are a fantastic solution for excruciating wax treatments.

Numbing creams serve as local anaesthesia for the skin during the waxing procedure

How does it work?

Numbing creams like Dr.Numb® contain substances exacerbates that incidentally close down the nerves in the skin. They keep nerves from flagging the brain that the body is in pain. Through these, excruciating sensations are decreased during wax treatments. At times, numbing creams absolutely dispose of pain and distress during Brazilian wax treatments.

Creams are applied for 30-45 minutes before the wax treatment. The substance must not be totally rubbed into the skin; a thin layer of cream must be visible on the area to be treated. The thin layer makes it simple to pull off pubic hair.

After use of the numbing cream, a shivering sensation can be felt on the pubic area. This means it is preparing the skin for the waxing method by deactivating nerve driving forces on the area to be treated.

What experts advise???

Experts advise immediate painless bikini hair removal after use of creams. Creams, when stay on the skin for an extended period, can cause bothering and adverse reactions.

Thus, wax specialists suggest treatment ideally for 45 minutes or one hour after numbing cream application. After this period, the cream adequately numbed the pubic area. Less pain or no pain at all is felt during the whole waxing treatment.

Numbing creams are bundled in various ways

  • Many manufacturers encircle them in a tube, making them look like balms for topical treatment.
  • Others place them in small beauty containers for a more alluring look.
  • Here are a few manufacturers who offer numbing creams with supplementary devices like disposable clothing.
  • Disposable underwear makes numbing creams more powerful for an effortless bikini hair removal.

Also, topical numbing creams also made waxing methods more tolerable for ladies all over the place.