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Get Great Looks With Botox Treatment

Posted by Ann V. On 2017 Sep 29th

Get Great Looks With Botox Treatment

Good looks and pain goes hand in hand. It is difficult to get great looks without pain! And the topic we are about to start is also a painful treatment, but gives you good looks in the end. Botox is a wonder treatment, but it feels incredible pain while experiencing it. But, with the help of Numbing cream… Botox is no more an agony today. Look at how


When we talk about beauty treatments and stuff, everybody is obsessed. This is one essential part of human life that everybody likes to keep. If there is a way for us to keep the beauty permanently with us, we will take the plunge.

How To Botox

It is the well-known procedure done in Derma clinics. This has been used by dermatologists and plastic surgeons to remove fine lines and wrinkles from the face. It includes the introduction of chemicals in the skin through a needle. This has proved to be very effective for many people, let it be celebrities or a common man.

Botox is done in sessions; the impact normally lasts for no less than 5-6 months after taking 20-28 units for every session. Since the needle includes infiltration, it gets very painful, which is the reason dermatologists require topical anesthetics prior to the procedure.

Keep reading to know how to handle the Botox process without pain

Numbing cream for Botox

Discussing about topical numbing solutions, Numbing cream, like Dr.Numb®, is mostly suggested by doctors or individuals, who have used it. Numbing cream is safe and effective, which contains 5% of Lidocaine. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Numbing cream is a well known anesthetic cream, which is highly used all over the US and Canada. This has been prescribed and used by famous identities and celebs because of its quality in terms of numbness.

Numbing cream has been used viably for injection shots, vaccination and other painful skin methods, for example, tattoo sessions, piercing, waxing, and Dermabrasion/Microdermabrasion. It gives relief to all kind of pain (more or less) suffered by many individuals who go through any cosmetic treatment.

Numbingcream is powerful for individuals who have a lower flexibility to pain and experiencing the Botox treatment can be a very painful experience.

Here are a few tips for people on how to lessen the pain related to Botox injections:

  • Feel relaxed and comfortable as much as possible during the procedure.
  • Put some ice over the skin region while getting Botox injections.
  • Apply Numbing cream for 50-60 minutes effectively to feel no pain. This is recommended by dermatologists for people who are really uncomfortable with the pain.

So, if you are also wishing to get good looks, or want a treatment that cure all your skin issues by enhancing your look; then, go for Botox treatment. It is tried and tested method delivering good results.

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