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Get Acquainted With Various Types Of Piercing

Posted by Ann V. On 2016 Oct 12th

Get Acquainted With Various Types Of Piercing

Interested in getting a piercing?

That’s pretty cool! With 72% of American women having one or more piercing, your love for this form of body modification is understood. Piercings have been there since ages and it has undergone several changes. Whether it is about the process or the types, it has evolved significantly.

But people have embraced all these evolutions with love and hence the trend of piercing is on a steep rise. So, if you want to know about the various options, this article is for you.

Navel piercings:

These might not appear to be a newer option to you. And this was definitely a big hit back in the 90s. But you cannot overlook the fact that these are still very appealing and it looks like things haven’t changed a lot. These are cheeky, cool and sexy. Plus, now you have a wide range of jewels to choose from. Hence, it makes a very common choice.

Just one thing you need to be aware of- it’s not one of the quickest piercings when it comes to healing. But this doesn’t stop you from getting it done.

Nose piercings:

There are some parts of the world where this is a part of the tradition. But even if you aren’t from such a place, you can think about getting a nose piercing done. Similar to the belly button, it is a prime choice for all age groups. The best thing about this style is that it has evolved over the years. It is not more constrained to simple nostril piercings. You have a lot to experiment with like septum piercing. Seriously, it looks pretty septum piercings have surpassed the regular nose piercings. Moreover, you can opt for anything among a loop, a stud, or a variety of septum jewelry.

Lip piercings:

You will love it for the variety it has to offer. There are many different styles ranging from the standard lip ring to crazy angel bites. While the former one typically consists of a single piercing below the bottom lip, it can vary in placement. The popular one is simply right in the middle and it looks gorgeous. As far as the latter one is concerned, the angel bites are two separate piercings done on either side of the upper lip. When done on the lower lip, these offer a broader choice of jewelry for the wearers. For the upper lip piercings, you can try labrets.

Eyebrow piercings

It is very much similar to piercing your navel. Reason being, in both cases, a clamp is likely to be used and a short and curved barbell rod is then inserted after the area is pierced. Here it is worth understanding that during the healing period, one must be careful to keep the eyebrow piercing clear of makeup and tampering. This can delay or disrupt the healing process; be careful. As there are different ways you could have your eyebrow piercing done, the two most commonly done are vertical and horizontal piercing. Both of them will be done in the same area but at a different angle.

You can choose any location for your piercing and not to worry of the pain associated with the piercing process as the pain can be curbed with the application of Dr.Numb® topical anesthetic cream with 5% lidocaine.