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Follow These 7 Ways To Keep Tattoos From Fading: Let It Be New Always!

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 1st

Follow These 7 Ways To Keep Tattoos From Fading: Let It Be New Always!

Tattoos have turn out to be more popular over the past couple of decades. Do you know 1 out of every 5 adults has at least one tattoo? As per the Harris Poll, 21 percent of the total population has got their body inked for one or the other reason.

Getting a tattoo is quite painful. While one has to endure the sensation of needles pricking the skin, it also brings forth several problems like fading in future. As far as the pain is concerned, you can get rid of it easily using a topical anesthetic cream. Application of numbing solution like Dr.Numb® can make it pain-free for you. Basically, it consists of 5% lidocaine which is a numbing agent and blocks the pain signals at the nerve endings. So you won’t feel any pain!

Coming to the other problem- fading; it is not a necessary factor like pain. But yes, you have to be very particular.

How to Keep Tattoos From Fading?

If you are getting your first tattoo done, it is must to know that tattoo ink can fade over the passage of time. You need to understand that colors which are so crisp and bright today can become dull after few years. And it is normal! Especially, for the areas that are exposed to a lot of suns are more prone to fading.

It is also worth observing that some people's tattoos fade in just a matter of weeks or months. And then there are others who follow a proper aftercare process, keeping their tattoo beautiful in the long run.

Want to know how you can avoid fading? Here are some simple ways to keep tattoos from fading so quickly.

Keep A Little Patience

A new tattoo seems to be too tempting. You would like to flaunt it as soon as possible, right?

But be patient and don’t remove the bandage unless your tattoo artist asks you to do the same. It is vital to keep your tattoo covered for the allotted time to let your skin heal and get friendly with the ink. You need to pay greater attention to sanitization. When you are removing the bandage, wash your hands with an antibacterial soap first and then gently wash the tattoo. Do apply a light coating of the aftercare product suggested by your artist.

Stick to your artist’s advice

The golden rule is to follow the aftercare directions your tattoo artist provides you. Meanwhile, be careful and don't switch to a different product just for the reason it's cheaper. Sometimes ignoring the advice can be more dangerous than you have been thinking.

These days, tattoo artists guide you with specific products as per the ink usage and skin type. They are experienced and know what kind of results you will get. So you don’t need to try several different aftercare products unnecessarily. Even if you plan for an alternative, make sure you consult a professional beforehand.

Be Punctual

In the beginning days, your artist will advise you to re-apply the aftercare product several times a day. Actually, it is essential to keep the tattoo moist without saturating it. Hence, during the healing process, make sure that your tattoo is able to breathe.

But don’t overdo the ointment. Even this can pull color out of your tattoo. After few weeks, you can just wash it two to three times each day with antibacterial soap and apply a moisturizing lotion later to keep the color vivid.

Avoid Scratching

Itching is another common problem. It can occur days or weeks after getting a tattoo job done. But you need to keep picking at or scratching any scabs, which appear on your tattoo, to keep it healthy. Chances of losing color in the spots that are picked off are high during the healing process. Thus, refrain from pulling off any scab, no matter how small it is. If it itches too much, you can apply Dr.Numb® to make your skin numb.

Keep Out Of Sun

Seriously, tanning should be avoided for at least 10 to 14 days. Reason being, the sun's rays can be very harmful to tattoos. Whether it is about a fresh or old tattoo, tanning beds can cause more, intense damage. It is advised to cover your tattoo for the first two weeks. And to block the UV rays use at least a sunscreen with 35 SPF.

Choose Clothes Wisely

It is good to wear loose clothing while your tattoo is healing. While tight clothes can rub on a new tattoo, this can cause irritation and scrape the area to the point of pulling off flakes. To prevent this from happening, opt for loose attires.

Take An Off From Swimming Sessions

Experts recommend staying out the water for at least 14 days. During the healing period, it can be really risky to immerse yourself in a pool or sea. Just take showers for the first two weeks to keep you clean. Submersing your tattoo in water not only pull the ink out but also causes severe infection. Whether it is in a lake, ocean, swimming pool or hot tub, it is important to avoid swimming.

Lastly, get into a healthy routine and take a good care of your skin. In fact, even after the tattoo is healed, it is necessary to pamper your skin. Remember, healthier your skin, brighter your tattoo will stay over time.

Good luck!