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Feedback Of People Can Make Up Your Mind To Buy A Quality Product

Posted by Ann V. On 2018 Jun 19th

Feedback Of People Can Make Up Your Mind To Buy A Quality Product

When a quality product gets applauded by people after its use, the confidence of the company gets boosted up to work hard and bring more quality based products. And when products related to the skin are considered, the feedback becomes more important. Based on these feedbacks, many people finalize their decision to buy a product.

So, if you are searching for numbing cream for your upcoming tattoo or any other body modification, go ahead with the article that shares few customer feedbacks regarding Dr. Numb and then finalize your decision.

  • Used it for the first time for a sleeve tattoo. It works great! Leave it on for an hour wrapped in cling wrap and you won’t feel a thing. I fell asleep while getting my elbow tattooed... (Google Review)
  • Effective! I will definitely use this cream again. (Google Review)
  • I ordered this for my foot tattoo and put it on 1/2 hours prior to my tattoo and it lasted for 30 min. I could feel pressure and vibration but no pain. The last 15min I could feel some pain but DEFINITELY tolerable! With so many nerves in your feet the numbing doesn’t last as long as other parts of the body. Definitely will buy it again if I get another tattoo! Worth the money but only purchase from their website the Canada location. (Andrea Homer).
  • This is an awesome product. I tried it once and was very skeptical. Since then I have never looked back. It has got me through 1 full sleeve. 1 half sleeve and two large leg pieces and I were free from pain. It works! I have recommended this to friends who rate it just as highly as myself. Thanks for a great product Numb! (Louis James Richardson).
  • OMG.....this is the absolute best one by far........I used one other one, and it didn't work, so I told myself you get what you pay for, and said if I'm going to do this I have to make sure it works, did my research and ran across Dr. numb videos, and went out on a limb and brought it, my first session without Dr. Numb was pure hell......but every other time with it was pure Heaven, because it was like I couldn't feel anything and I do mean anything, my tattoo artist kept asking me am I alright, and I was alright, because Dr. Numb had me feeling no pain. (Jeffrey Matthews)
  • This product is 100% effective. I used it on my ankle tattoo and I didn't even feel a thing. I just purchased another for my hip tat in January! Some people have mixed reviews due to not using the product correctly! Put thin layer on desired area. Wait 5 mins. Put another thick layer in same area. Cover area with saran wrap from 1 to 3 hrs. The longer you keep it on the longer the numbing lasts! (Brittany Victoria).
  • Alright, ladies and gents! Here's my personal, unsolicited review of Dr Numb. I am working on a large tattoo piece on my back. Tattoos are very, very painful for me but I love them, so I get them anyway. I applied a thick layer of Dr numb to the area 2 hours before my appointment and covered it in seran wrap. My tatt artist took it off and started tattooing. Now, did it take all the pain away? In some parts, yes, it did! In other parts, it just dulled the pain and took the edge off. It was just a small, slightly annoying pain. In a few, small spots, I felt the full pain. Id say, by and large, it dulled the pain and was worth the money. Anything, ANYTHING that helps me get through a tattoo with less pain is worth the money! The effect lasted a little over 2 hours. I would recommend this to anyone having trouble getting through tattoos. (Rebecca Stimmler)

Dr Numb is great! I had a session on my stomach which is very painful area to be tattooed, I put the cream on few hours beforehand, as we got started I couldn't feel anything at all, couldn't believe it! Some places I could feel the pain, I must have missed some places, once he wiped the excess ink away it kinda wore off a bit. Overall it's a great product I will definitely be using it again! (James Millar)

  • I have used Dr. Numb on my last 2 tattoos. I was a little skeptical at first. But I purchased 2 tubes to try it out. I took a shower, shaved the area being tattooed. When I dried the area I very quickly put a thin layer on and rubbed it in really well. After I got dressed I put another thicker layer on and wrapped it in plastic wrap. Went to my appointment and when asked if I was ready I reluctantly said yea (he was behind my knee) I didn't feel a thing! NOTHING! It was great! It didn't last as long as I had hoped but once it started wearing off it was still enough to take the edge off and make it semi-comfortable. It is a little pricey but will definitely be purchasing more in the next few days to finish off my sleeve. Will be on the underside of my upper arm, so I will be putting Dr. Numb to good use I would totally recommend this product! (Dawn Simms)